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Call from Demon

download (1)Most people use smart phone these days, so you can find and get some interesting  App from the store, like “Call from Demon (Oni kara denwa)”. This App for mostly little kids. It will be helpful when kids don’t listen to their parents. You can pretend that some demon or ghost rings your phone. Demons face and name will show up on the screen. It’s very realistic so kids will be very surprised or scary. Also it’s fun so when you have chance, just try to download this App.

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Harry Potter exhibition

macg_harrypotterexhibition_mainHarry Potter exhibition is held in Roppongi Hills from June 22 to September 16. Harry Potter series were written by J.K Rowling. The books recorded breaking hit, and then movies came out from 2001 to 2011. Total is 8 movies. Now, Harry Potter series are loved by everyone all over the world! When I visited New York last year, I went to the Harry Potter exhibition because I really love Harry Potter. It was really fun!! There were goods and uniforms which were used in movies. And I enjoyed some attractions of movie scenes. Do you know scene which Harry was chosen Gryffindor by talking hat?? The hat is there, and he will  choose your class like Harry.  I want to go there in Japan, too. You can experience Harry Potter world in Japan.


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Star Festival

tanabataAs you know on July 7th is the day of Tanabata which called Star Festival in English. According to the legend, two stars Altair and Vega (Hikoboshi and Orihime) were separated by the milky way. But once a year they can meet each other on July 7th this day, people write their wishes and hopes on long and narrow paper and hang them on bamboo. These wishes papers are very colorful. You can enjoy it! Also there is Tnabata festival in Fussa. Fussa is located about an hour west of Tokyo by train. They will hold events such as ‘Princess Orihime contest’, folk dancing, a ninja performance, and samba parade. You can enjoy many kind of  food too. What are you going to wish for Tanabata this year? Enjoy your day on July 7th.


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Japanese young people like Prikura. Prikura is game machine that is take photo. If you took photo by Prikura, you would seem more beautiful than real you, because of phot editing. Japanese girl often play Prikura when they go shopping, after school, hang out with their friend…and so on. Japanese Prikura is really high quality. If you took photo by Prikura, your skin will be clear and white, your eyes will be big and your legs will be long than real you. I think Prikura is Japanese unique culture.

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Equation of Midsummer (真夏の方程式)

img_lineupHave you ever watched “Galileo” on TV?  This drama appears Masaharu Fukuyama and Yuriko Yoshitaka.  “Galileo” was watched by a lot of people.

In June 29, 2013, “Equation of Midsummer” (真夏の方程式) is televised in Japan.  I explain the story of this movie a little.  In the town where has beautiful sea, it happens a mysterious affair.  Is that the accident or the case?  There are pretexts, lies and crimes.  Can “Galileo” (Masaharu Fukuyama) solve this sad equation?

“Galileo” was the hit drama of Fuji TV in this spring!  In this summer, “Galileo” will be back as the movie!!  “Equation of Midsummer” is the second series of movies as “Galileo”.  I recommend you to watch this movie!!!  Please check it, and go watching “Equation of Midsummer” in this summer!!!

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history of fireworks

blog5 fireworksSpeaking of summer, what do you imagine? I imagine fireworks!! I really like fireworks and many people like it too. However do you know about fireworks’ history?? I’m interested in the history so I searched!! From studying, the beginning of fireworks is China. After the 13 century, fireworks were introduced into Europe. At this time in Europe, fireworks are for royal families so fireworks were used only royal families’ festival. By the way, When did fireworks start in Japan? The answer is we don’t know. Researchers couldn’t find the answer but according to “Teppoudenrai”(鉄砲伝来), from the 16 century, fireworks were started to make. Now, fireworks festivals are very famous in Japan. I thought the beginning of fireworks is Japan but it’s not correct!! I hope you could learn the history of fireworks from this blog!!

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Jennifer Lopez

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Do you know Jennifer Lopez? She is a famous singer and actress of the U.S.A. I think her most famous movie is “Shall We Dance?” (2004) as Paulina. Maybe a lot of people know this movie. She released a lot of songs and about 10 song albums. In addition, she produced perfumes. She is taking an active part until now! On JUNE 20th, Jennifer Lopez got star No.2500 on Hollywood Walk of Fame. She was recognized as a Hollywood star!! Her handprints are on Hollywood walk of Fame now. She had interviews after the ceremony and she said “I cried like almost 15 thousand times!!” Congratulation Jennifer Lopez!!



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How to Study for Final Tests!!

Are you ready for the final tests?? I think students will study hard so I want to recommend that what are the most blog3 studyeffective studying methods.

1) Decide the time for studying. If you decide the time for studying, you’ll be used to studying.

2) Improve your meals. We need enough nutrition to study so you should think about your meals. Did you have a breakfast today? If you didn’t, it’s not really good for your brain. Maybe, you can’t concentrate on your studying.

3) Do not try and work too hard!! If you work too hard, you will hate to study and you don’t want to study any more. The most important thing for studying is motivation so you should try to like studying. Take it easy!!

Good luck for your final tests!!

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Mt. Fuji: A cheap climb

img_421614_8140289_5June 22, 2013, UNESCO decided that Mt. Fiji has been registered as a World Heritage.  However, it is said that there are some problems.

One of them is about an entrance fee.  According to the news media, they say that it would be about 1,000 yen.  Do you think it is expensive or cheap?  I would like to compare with other mountains in the world.

  •  Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa) → about $70
  • Mt. Aconcagua (Argentina) → about $1,000
  • Mt. Everest (Nepal) → about $10,000 《from Tibet》/ about $25,000 《from Nepal》

Compared with these mountains, Mt. Fuji’s fee is not expensive.  What do you think about this problem?

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Reading Book with Twitter

a0002_009497Summer is too hot to go out, so sometimes you think that I want to stay home all day… don’t you? Then you try to spend your free time, for example reading book. But, can you get and understand all of  the information? This page said that many people read a book, but some people can’t get anything from the book because they can’t organize the ideas. So, now it is good for them to use Twitter.

It is easy, you just write very simple information or your thinking on Twitter. There are merits, because you can output in short seconds, reread yourself, and sometimes your followers (It means people who read your twitter comments) give you them ideas. It is a good chance to make a custom to read a book with clearly thinking.