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A girl on Youtube is a doll or is she real?

Nowadays, Youtube is a great communication tool to share videos and TV shows. The fun thing of Youtube is people can record themselves and put their video on Youtube. Some of them are even making money from this video making.

Venus Angelic, 15 year-old-girl gainned huge popularity on Youtube. Her doll-like appearance and unique fashion has become sensation in the world. Her video usually shows make-up, outfit and sometimes cosplay. Especially make-up tutorials got over a millions of viewers and good reputation. She now lives in London and has been studying Japanese. She found Japanese anime attractive and often visit Japan.

   Check out her official site. If you are interested in her, you can also watch her videos on Youtube.

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The Middle


The Middle is one of my favorite American comedy dramas, and now we can watch the drama on Dlife.  The drama is about happiness of a middle class family of five.  A mother, Frankie has three kids, and she and her husband, Mike have worked in separate companies.  Axl is the older brother.  Sue is the middle daughter of Frankie and Mike.  Brick is the youngest brother in their kids.  Those kids are very unique, and they make the drama really funny.  The drama does not only make us laugh, but also make us happy.  Please check it out!


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imagesWhat application are you using now?? Recently, Instagram is my favorite. This is like Photo Twitter!! We can share photoes which you want to show people and see a lot of photos which you like by time line or searching tags. I enjoy posting photos because people who like my photos follow me. And then, I follow back. If you want to post photo, you have to make your account at first. There are a lot of beautiful, unique photos and more. You can find your favorite photos from Instagram!!

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Thai Cuisine

imagesCA64DTY4Do you like Thai Cuisine?

I would like to introduce to you Thai Restaurant in Sangenjaya!!

This restaurant’s name is “Kontai”.  It is near STARBUCKS.  The building has European Restaurant in the first floor, and Kontai is in the second floor.  This restaurant is not so large.  If you want to go there, I recommend you to go there within 4 people.  The cost is about 1,000 yen per person.

If you interested in Thai Cuisine, you sKontaihould go “Kontai” after school!  You can enjoy dinner with the master of Kontai!  He is so funny!


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Who is kyary-pamyu-pamyu?

Hi, everyone. Today I’d like to introduce about Japanese Harajyuku culture. Harajyuku is one of the Japanese most famous downtowns and it has been creating iconic fashion. Harajyuku fashion are likely to have vivid colors and futuristic shape. And it definately has anime taste. If you go to Harajyuku, you will be able to see people in dress like costume.

   When it comes to Harajyuku, you can’t miss one girl called kyary-pamyu-pamyu. She is 20 year-old fashion model and singer. Her first song “Pon-pon-pon” became really popular all over the world through Youtube, so she is having world tour this year. Since she was a fashion model, her creative taste has fascinated many young girls. We can say she is a pioneer of new fashion.

This Youtube video shows how American kids react to her and her song. The song caused a big impact on world listeners. What do you think? Check it out.

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Girls should be a Barbie doll?

Do you remember barbie dolls that you used to play with when you are a small kid? Their extremely long and skinny legs and charming blond hair with pretty dress fascinated a tons of young girls. However, there are several women in the world who are totally obsessed with Barbie dolls even after they grow up.

   Surprisingly, she is a woman, not a doll! She is Valeria Lukyanova, 21 Ukrainan woman. She grew up with a passion to be a Barbie doll and finally, she transformed herself to a doll. Apparenlly she has a lot of work done to whole body. People call her living Barbie doll. She made the world media notice the issue of cosmetic surgery. This is a part of her interview. Do you think she is beautiful or not?

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When you are bored, what do you do?  Do you know Hulu?  It is a website which enables us to watch a lot of dramas and famous movies whenever we would like to watch.  We don’t need to borrow and return DVDs’ in DVD rental shops anymore!  There are two steps we need to do before we enjoy watching fun dramas and movies.  The steps are really simple.  Step 1; Put your information on your application form on the website.  Step 2; Pay 980 yen per month thought your account.  We don’t need to pay any extra money.  Try two weeks for free!  We can enjoy the dramas and movies with your TV, smart phones, and lap tops.

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The prevent of summer fatigue (夏バテ)

夏バテ~1ilm09_ae02003-sSummer is coming soon!!! Are you ready coming of a hot summer? There are 7 points that you can prevent of summer fatigue(夏バテ).
1) Eat food which cooked
2) Increase various kinds of dishes
3) Do not drink cold drink too much
4) Do not cut down drinking water
5) Use air conditioner moderately
6) Sweat
7) Take a bath, not only taking a shower

If you want to know specific reasons why these things are good for the prevent of summer fatigue, please check URL. Take care of yourself and enjoy summer!!

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MAC × Rihanna

rihanna_mac_launch_banner0620_riri_lipstickCosmetic brand “MAC” collaborated with Rihanna who is known as a famous singer and a model. It is second time she collaborated with MAC. This year’s theme is “summer color” and 5 items go on sale, like lipsticks and face powder. On the lipsticks, her signature ‘RiRi’ which is her nickname is punched. These cosmetics go on sale on June 20 on-line. There are 3 kinds of trend lip colors. Why don’t you get one?

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Cool Biz for women

On May 20, ministry of the environment announced to start cool biz for women for the first time. Thy recommended to wear clothes which breathe well and to use deodorant to suppress smell or sweat. But on June 3, three civic organization demanded abolition of this campaign because if deodorant uses too much in trains or office, there is fear of increasing number of people who feel bad. Because of this insistence, Ministry of the environment changed it. image