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summer summer summer!!


The hot season came!!  Do you plan to do anything in summer vacation?  I want to go the fireworks display.  I’ll tell top-ranking fireworks.

Third place: Minatokoube marine fireworks display in Hyougo. It will be held on August 3.  The number of  shot is about 10,000.  The sky will be brightly decorated with all kinds of fireworks.

Second place: Sumidagawa fireworks display in Tokyo It will be held on July 27.  The number of shot is about 20,ooo.  This is the most beggest display in Kanto.  Sumidagawa fireworks display originated in the Edo period.  It’s traditionally display.

First place:  Naniwa yodogawa firewoks display in Osaka It will be held on August 10.  This fireworks display originated in 1989.  It is a famous display in Kansai. Do you want to go to the fireworks display? Please enjoy the summer vacation.

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Condemned criminal is released

ダウンロード (5)

A woman, Paula Cooper, who was sentenced to death when she was only 16 years old was released in 27 years. When she was 15 years old, she killed an old woman who taught her bible, to steal her money. Over 2 million people opposed against this decision.

One of those people was the one who is grand daughter of the old woman who was killed. She said that she thinks her grand mother would forgive Paula with love and mercy so she wants to forgive Paula as well. I was really impressed when I read this news. If I were her, I can’ t forgive a person who killed my important person. So I really respect her.

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Summer News by Disney

en_ph02Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea will publish summer 5 passport only from July 8th to August 31st. You can enjoy those parks until time to close after 5 p.m. They usually publish after 6 passport, but if you buy summer 5 passport, you can enter 1 hour earlier than you use after 6 passport and the cost is exactly same, 3300 yen! Even if you enter after 5, there will be some events like you can feel satisfied at night. Why don’t you enjoy after 5 Disney?

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Caramel Frappuccino with chocolate sauce and extra whipped cream and…

20090216212529People like Starbucks. They often have some coffee while they walk on the street…it looks like an American. People in Japan think it’s cool. Why Starbucks is popular is because of not only the taste but also various menus. Have you known that you can customize your order? I guess most of people know it, but, have you ever heard of some applications of Starbucks for smart phone? Those are made for people who want to try to customize drinks but never tried because it’s difficult! All you should do is choose what you want. And then smart phone tells you how much your order is, your side choices are, like syrup, milk and size…more detailed things are how strong your coffee is and how much bubbles on cofee you want! If you use these applications, you can order very smoothly with reading the words in the application. It’s very easy and convenient.

If you have no idea what kind of customize is popular, there is a website that tells you some popular customizes.

In this summer, why don’t you have your original drink in your hand and make people pay attention to you!

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Why does Japan attract you?

Why did you come to Japan 02‘‘Why did you come to Japan?’’ they ask people coming to Japan at the airport. It is a Japanese TV program called ‘Youは何しに日本へ?(why did you come to Japan?)’ This program is interviewing people from other countries the reason why they come to Japan and the purpose. And if they say OK, the program follows them and takes a look at how their life looks like for a couple of days. Recently I have no days that I don’t see foreigners in Tokyo. Why are they here? Are they traveling? Are they working here? You can get the answer in this TV show. One person from U.K came to walk from Osaka to Tokyo spending 1 month. One person form NYC came to work as an English teacher. One person form the U.S just came to see cherry blossoms. There are as many reasons as people. I’m very glad to see people choosing Japan to visit as Japanese although there are lots of countries which are very good to visit. And you would realize how nice Japan and to meet people is. If you are interested in, check it out!

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Chocolates make you slim?

chocolate Diet – it is what people especially young girls do. Girls in Japan like to be more slim and beautiful like a model. For the girls like them, here is a good news! It is CHOCOLATE DIET! First time I heard of it, I wondered ‘‘how is it possible?! Chocolates are sweet!’’ Indeed, chocolates are kind of sweet, but what is important is Cacao in chocolate, because chocolate includes  polyphenol, which works to raise your metabolism , and to make you less stress.  Also, it has a lot of dietary fiber, that is good for your constipation. However, that doesn’t mean that you can eat as much as you want. You should eat total 50g of chocolate that includes more than 70% of cacao about 20 minutes before each meal every day. Eating chocolate before the meals makes your blood-sugar level raise and you can refrain your appetite.

That sounds good, doesn’t it? Actually it is very attractive for me. But remember, chocolate is basically sweet and has high calorie. So you should keep the rules when you try it!

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Do you know Taberogu?


Do you know Taberogu, one of Japan’s largest gourmet site? It is very useful because people can see reviews customers who visit restaurants write about the restaurants. But some chefs say the system of the site is disadvantageous to restaurants. Is there any problem about the Taberogu?
Do restaurants feel dissatisfaction about Taberogu?
If customer makes a comment on the site, the comment give negative image to especially restaurants under individual management. Though there is only one negative comment in other comments, the manager feels disappointed.
What do restaurants think about they can make a comment to a customer’s comment?
Restaurants don’t know what kind of people made a comment and they can only just apologize. Restaurants want customer who make a comment on the site to present an identity card. Restaurants wants correct information customers can judge restaurants from.

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Hello, a goat.

017 It’s June, rainy season. Just a few days ago, the name of the typhoon became a hot topic. It was ‘‘Yagi’’, which means a goat in English. It sounds funny, isn’t it? Every time the typhoon is born, do you know it has an interesting name? Who named it? And how is it decided? The answer is on the website of 気象庁(Japan meteorological agency).
To tell the truth, the name is decided based on the list which is established by Typhoon Committee in 2000. Now, the countries in the Committee are 14 such as China, Japan, the U.S, Korea, Thai, and so on. The name list consists of 140names that each country in Committee suggested. They take an order, and according to the study, about 26 typhoons are born in each year, so that it takes about 5 years to restart the list. This time ‘‘Yagi’’ is made by Japan. That shows the name of the star. Other examples, ‘‘Nida’’ which means the name of a woman in Thai, ‘‘Vicente’’ which means the name of a man in the U.S, and ‘‘Nari’’ which means a lily in Korea. There are some interesting names.S2000219032712

It is interesting to research the origin of things. Why don’t you research some things that you have an interest in? You may find new things that you haven’t known…

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Tell your love in a high place

無題 Fujikyu high land (an amusement park in Yamanashi prefecture) announced new plan called Takabisya wedding. Takabisya is one of the most scary roller coasters of Fujikyu high land. Also it has a Guinness record of roller coasters because of its fall angle of 121°. That must be so scary that people cannot have time to think. How do couple get wedding there? According to the announcement, first, they got congratulating from other visitors and relatives, then they get on the coaster that is all reserved with wedding dress and tuxedo. After that they can take a picture in front of Takabisya, and they are recorded while getting on the coaster. So they can watch the vicdeo, which is edited by the professional person, at the ceremony. To tell the truth, there is already 1 couple who tried it. A man proposed her at high place and a woman said yes. He didn’t propose her before this wedding, so that became an official propose. The price is from 300,000 yen.

The bonds between couple must be stronger by overcoming the fear of Takabisya together.

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Not welcome mosquitos

870x1113x11d2c60c522917577f0d564Summer is coming. It’s getting hotter and hotter recently. People start wearing T-shirt and short pants,,,but there is an enemy in summer. That is a mosquito. That black body and long legs…I think it makes people irritated. In hot days, it is important to protect your body from mosquitos. In Japan, there is ‘repellent for mosquitos’. Normal repellent is known well. But new one is different. That smells like rose! And color is pink! That is fantastic!! repellent is not liked by especially women because of that smell. Some people like it, but some people don’t. It smell like grandmothers, like reminding people of old days. But if it smells rose and protects your body…that is so cool. Girls may like it. A woman who tried it already say ’I like this smell. I don’t feel uncomfortable even if the smell leaves on my clothes.’ This is invented by ARS which is a famous company for mosquito things. You can get it in the pharmacy store if you want.  However, according to the web, the number of the product is limited.

Let’s relaxed with rose smell and protect your body at the same time!