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Monja-yaki at Tsukishima




I went to Tsukishima with my friend this weekend, and we ate nice Monja-yaki. We walked “Monja Street” at Tsukishima in lunch time. There are many Monja restaurants, and I smelled very nice the smell of Monja-yaki. We ate Monja-yaki at Daruma. This restaurant’s interior is nice. It was like a Showa style. I ate Cheese Monja and my friend ate Seafood Monja. We made Monja-yaki ourselves like a photo. It was a bit difficult, but we did it. Our Monja-yaki were very delicious because we made it. At Tsukishima, there are many Monja-yaki restaurant, so you should go and find a good restaurant such as us!

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Acai Bowl



Today, I recommend an acai bowl restaurant. The name is “Kailua Weekend”. This restaurant is on the 7th floor of Shibuya Hikarie. There are various healthy sweets such as acai bowl. Acai is a fruit just like a blueberry from Brazil. Acai has more polyphenol than blueberry (18 times) and also it has more iron than liver (3 times). In addition, acai has many dietary fiber and calcium. Acai is excellent fruit for our human. Kailua Weekend serve various acai bowl and these are very nice. You can enjoy Kailua Weekend from lunchtime to dinnertime!

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UV Protection

ctr049a-s     Recently, the sunshine has become stronger. Do you have the UV protection? I would like to share information about UV protection. UV means UltraViolet. We can’t see and feel this ray. However, UV causes sunburn for human’s skin. It is bad, so we should protect our skin from UV. Then, I introduce about UV protection. 1) Try to avoid going outside of time a strong UV. 2) Try to use a shade. 3) Try to use a UV protection cream. 4) Try to wear a hat. 5) Try to wear a UV protection clothes (Long sleeves, Jacket, Pants). In addition, I introduce about UV protection cream. Have you ever seen “SPF” and “PA”? SPF means Sun Protection Factor. It is an aim to prevent the ultraviolet B wave. SPF ~20, use for daily. SPF 20~30, use for going outside. SPF 30~, use for sports and swimming. PA means Protection grade of UVA. It is an aim to prevent ultraviolet A wave. PA+, effective. PA++, very effective. PA+++, extremely effective. Let’s consider how to use UV protection cream, where you go, when you go, and your life style.

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Washing your face with egg white?!


Have you ever thought about washing your face with egg white?  That sounds strange to me.  But when we wash our faces with egg white, it makes them clean, and moisturize them at the same time.  Also, it helps us cure acne.  In Sweden, people have believed that egg white is good for our skin from way back because the main component of egg white is protein, and it helps repairing our skin.  Egg White Facial Soap became popular.  Swedish royal family and many celebrities like the soap.


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How much will you spend money this summer?


Summer is coming! Do you have any plan for the summer vacation? I guess many people want to travel. It is very fun to plan it, but also we have to think about how much money will we need or how much will we spend money on the hotel or things like that.

Japanese Travel Company, Jaran researched that kind of things.

According to this survey, the average numbers of nights are 1.64. The average hotel charges are 9,085 yen per a night. The lowest age and gender that take a trip is 20~34 men. The percentage is 53.2%. The highest age and gender is 20~30 women. The percentage is 61.3%.