Hot stone spa

I’Mk6xxnll tell about my favorite place.  The name is Manyoukurabu.  It’s a ryokan with various hot springs.  I recommend  hot stone spa.  It’s like low temperature saunas.  It will be improve the circulation of the blood and be good for the skin.   I sweat profusely every time.  You can relax and get rid of your stress!! Manyoukurabu is located in Yokohama.  It’s near the Minatomirai.  You can see beautiful scenery!!  The price is about 2,500yen.  I think that it’s cheap at that price.  You should go :)!!

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Soccer fans in Shibuya

a0166542_481160At Saitama Stadium on Jun 4, Japan tied Austria 1-1 in the final Asian qualifiers for the a Brazil World Cup. It was decided japan will advance to the World Cup. At that time, I was in Shibuya to watch this game.There were so many people. Why they come to Shibuya. there are three reasons. First reason, there are many place that people can watch this game on TV such as Hub, sports bar and something like that. Second reason, there was the Japan Football Association. Third reason,  soccer supporters in Shibuya receive a high degree of media coverage.

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Volunteer at Iwate

IMG_1838I and some friends went to Iwate for volunteer by car during golden week. We had ever been to only Miyagi for volunteer, so it was first visit to Iwate for us. We helped agriculture. And we talked local people about 3.11.
Some of areas are still vacant, and there are buildings which were destroyed by Tsunami.And there is a vacant lot. I couldn’t express any word when I saw the view.
According to local people, they are afraid that people forget about 3.11.
They are wishing that somebody include us continue to tell somebody about 3.11.We are never ever forget 3.11  (This video is some messages from Tohoku)I will continue volunteer surely.

Ruby Sparks


Do you like to watch movies? I love to watch movies, so I want to talk about one of my favorite movie.
Recently, I watched “Ruby Sparks.” This is a love story. A man who name is Calvin (Paul Dano), he is a famous writer but he goes into an awful slump. He goes to the hospital and the doctor gives him advise and he starts writing again.
Suddenly, he feels he is fall in love with the girl (Zoe Kazan) that he is writing about. Next day, she appears in his house. And they’d fall in love each other but the end of story, not a happy ending. I think it’s a bitter story but I really like it. If you are interested in it, please check it! Ruby Sparks website.