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Are you eating a lot?

Have you been hungry soon after eating? The reason you eat a lot may be your eating style. So you need to rethink it and you will change it. There are three points about eating style.
ilm16_ab01018-sFirst, are you eating fast? After meal, it takes 15~30 minutes that you get a feeling of being full. So people who eat fast have already eaten a lot when they get a feeling of being full. If you eat slowly, you can achieve a feeling of being full with small amount of meal.
Second, are you eating meal you don’t cook? Meal made by Convenience stores is not so healthy as you know. In addition, you may forget to enjoy eating because of a light meal. Have you ever gotten a feeling of being full when you cook because of the cooking smell. It is much better that you try to cook.
Third, are you having a meal with a cell phone and watching the TV. It is difficult to achieve a feeling of being full because you have a meal without thinking. Having a chop sticks encourages people to eat a lot. So enjoy each meal with conversation.

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125   I went to Asakusa with my mother. It’s been a while since I went to the Asakusa.   Asakusa is a very popular sightseeing spot because there are famous shries and temples there. You can eat delicious Japanese food in Asakusa. Especially, Kaminari Okoshi, Japanese traditional snack made by rice, is famous souvenir in Asakusa. About 400 million tourists a year visit Asakusa. 2 million foreign tourists visit there.

It was  a sunny day at  that time. I saw many travelers, so it was very crowded. At Sensoji Temple, I bought a paper fortune. The fortune said that I will not have so good luck, but I don’t care about it. There are many nice drinking spot at Asakusa. We bought souvenirs for my sister and me. I had a good time with my mother and I hope I will go there with my family again.

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Mother’s Day



Mother’s day  is held over the world every year. In Japan, May 12 was mother’s day this year and usually children give carnations to their mother. Mother’s day started in the U.S. The reason it stated in the U.S. is  it is said that a women whose mother was dead give a carnation to her mother because she wanted to commemorate her.

So on the day, I saw many carnations around there. Because my mother always cooks for my family, I made cream stew with a lot of vegetables. When I made it last time, I fried onions too much and I could not make it. I
made curry with the onions. The cream stew got a favorable reception from my family, but my skill is not comparison with her skill forever. After my sister came back to our home, she gave carnations to our mother. We had a wonderful mother’s day.



Protect yourself from the heat!


The summer is coming. Usually, we turn on the switch of air conditioner, however of course we know that it is not good too much use it for our body and health. This article said that there are ways to avoid the temperature increase.

First, you use a bamboo blind (Sudare in Japanese). It is a point, you should use it on the window from outside because it prevent the sun of heat.Second, someone who leave the home forget to close the curtain in the daytime. But it is bad because the windows and floor would have the heat and it will the cause of  the temperature increase at night.

Finally, it is about how to use the air conditioner.  We apt to use the air conditioner by DRY mode, because we have a prejudice that Dry mode is good for power saving, but it is an untruth. In reality, air-conditioned (Reibou) mode is cheaper than dry mode.

The Meteorological Agency informed us that this summer will be hotter than last year. Let’s overcome the hot summer days! (Photo by (c)Tomo.Yun)

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One ok Rock

I’m addicted to ONE_OK_ROCK_A_JinseiOne Ok Rock recently. One ok Rock is popular among young people like me. The member is Taka, Toru, Ryota and Tomoya. Vocal Taka is son of Shinichi Mori and Masako Mori who were famous singers. I love Taka’s voice because his voice is cool and strong!! And his lyrics are mixed Japanese and English. His English pronunciation is amazing!! Live concerts will be held overseas this year. So, One Ok Rock is global rock band in Japan. This summer, One Ok Rock will participate in a lot of music festival in Japan like Summer Sonic, Rock in Japan and so on. Don’t miss seeing them!!


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Soft Ice Cream in Seisenryo

restraunt_shop_softcream_02  Do you have any plans in this summer vacation??  If you don’t have, I recommend you to go to Seisenryo (清泉寮) which is a restaurant in Kiyosato, Yamanashi.  This place is well-known as a summer resort.  And also, it is famous for soft ice cream!!!  It is so delicious!!!  In every summer, a lot of people make a long line for it.  The cost is 350 yen.

Why is it popular??  This soft ice cream is made of  Jersey milk and good water of Yatsugatake.  In addition, you can see a fine view of Yatsugatake, Mt. Fuji and Southern Alps during eating it.

If you are interested in this soft ice cream, let’s go to Kiyosato!!!


This soft ice cream melts quickly.  Sometimes, people drop it from a cone…  So be careful when you eat it!!!  Please do not drop!!!  I hope that you can finish eating it safety.

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Finally Facebook is becoming popular in Japan. Some Japanese people have been using it for a couple of years but some people just have stared.  What I want to say today is: “Be careful how you use Facebook!” Those who don’t know how to use Facebook are in danger.  Their status is totally public.  Their photos, status, and even their phone  number and address are public.  Even If I’m not their friend, I can see their information.  That is so dangerous.  I’m really happy that many people in Japan started having Facebook but I want them to know how to customize it.  Many of them don’t even know that their information is public…and I am stalking them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!muhahahhahahah (evil laugh)