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Parsley Power


Do you eat parsley?  Many people don’t like the taste, and we usually don’t eat that. But I found an interesting article about “parsley”.  The article says that the parsley helps changing bad breath to good one, and it also helps people protect from being sick because it has a lot of good minerals.  There are some kinds of parsley in the world.  I didn’t know how attractive it is before I read the article.  If you would like to know more about the article and how to cook parsley, please click here.

Boston Food and Drink Showa Students


The best thing which I miss in Boston is… Chill!


It’s a shop of frozen yogurt. It has some kinds of tastes and everything is very good, especially original. You can choose a size from small, medium or large and number of topping from 1, 2 or more than 3. It has many kinds of topping such as chocolate, mochi and many fruits! I often ordered small original and 2 topping that is strawberry and mochi. It costed less than $5.

I’m sure almost all students in Showa Boston love Chill! Actually there were always some Showa students even cool or cold day. After I came back to Japan, I saw some frozen yogurt shops and sometimes tried them. However nothing could beat Chill! I can’t forget the moment I feel so happy when I have Chill… I MISS CHILL!