Showa Women’s University Basketball Club

430249_269963996441309_1380071186_nI am a member of Showa Women’s University Basketball Club.
This time, I want to introduce about my club.
Our club is composed of 14 members and 2 coaches and adviser.
We practice hard every Monday, Wednesday and Friday(17:30 to 20:00). In addition first and third Saturday(17:30 to 20:00) and second and forth Sunday(15:00 to 17:30). (Four times a week) We practice in new gymnasium. (only Wednesday we use old gymnasium)
All members are nice and kind. We are proud of a good teamwork.
If you are interested in basketball, please come to see our practicing!
We are looking for new members and managers!
Let’s enjoy basketball together!

Oyama no Suginoko

1-07-2Do you like Udon? Do you like Soba?
I want to introduce best restaurant in Sangenjaya.
The name is Oyama no Suginoko(お山のすぎの子).
Suginoko prouds of hand -made udon.
Soup stock (だし) hasn’t been used chemical seasoning since 1981 (Suginoko was established).
Furthermore, if you like to listening to jazz, it is certain that you will like this place.
Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, they have music time from19:30 and 20:30 for 30 minutes.
You can enjoy jazz music and live performance for free.
If you will really take to the artists, you can tip for them.
Suginoko gives good service for guests.
So you will receive a hearty welcome.
How about visiting Suginoko?

CIEE program

IMG_2624Do you know CIEE program? This is a program to do volunteer during homestaying in abroad.

Last summer,I have participated in this program for one month. Then, I went to Toronto in Canada.

There are a lots of nature. I did volunteer of environmental protection with Canadian students. For example, cutting grass, picking seeds and making structures to protect maple trees from deers. Under the burning sun, I worked hard from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. I have never done volunteer like this. Because of high temperature and hardworking, one day I had a nosebleed. It was unlucky, but this experiences is great and unforgettable memories in my life. If you are interested in volunteer in abroad, I recommend to participate in CIEE program.


Becautiful place to visit in China

China has many world heritage because it has a long history.
There are lots of sight-seeing areas where we want to visit once. 
 One place I’d like to talk about this time is “Jiuzhaigou Valley.”
Jiuzhaigou Valley was resistered for the world heritage in 1992. It is located on the northern part of Sichuan. There are about 108 lakes, springs and waterfalls in the virgin forest. You can see beautiful colored leaves if you visit ther during autum season. Also, here is one of the famous places where Giant pandas are living. But the highest point where tourists can reach is about 3100m high, so the tourist should be careful about Altitude sickness.
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Beckham retired!


I’m sure everybody knows the soccer player from England, David Beckham.  He had constantly devoted himself from childhood to be a star!!!  And his hair style “The Mohawk haristyle” (Soft Mohikan in Japanese) became popular amoung Japanese young men. Beckham’s retiremet spread quickly, and In Economic Times, the member of Paris Sait-Germain Football Club he belongs did a famous Japanese tradition!

They tossed Beckham up  in the air!

This tradition, Doage(胴上げ) in Japanese,  originally started in Zenko-ji (善光寺) in Nagano prefecture in Japan to bless somebody.  This tradition is usually done when turing points of the person’s life such as passing exams, winning elections and sometimes weddings.

I really like the tradition which we can show appreciation and blessing to somebody at the same time in the very lively way!  I hope to these Japanese tradition will spread more in the world.

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Eyelash extensions





Yesterday I went to a salon to have Eyelash extensions. Recently, many girls have Eyelash extension s in Shibuya. Eyelash extensions are any number of enhancements designed to add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes. They may be compared to hair extensions for one’s eyelashes. They can be separated into two types: temporary and semi-permanent. There is also a medical way of enhancing eyelashes.




I recommend it because it’s not expensive and it’s not dangerous. You can be more beautiful if you try it.



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World Travel by Hitchhiking


This is Jeremy Marie and from France. I read very interesting news. He visited 71 countries by hitchhiking. The distance is 10 miles, so it’s about four times of the round of the earth. He is 29 years old and takes many pictures in the world.


This is his travel map. It shows us how he visited many countries. His life is very unusual and also has big dream. I envy him… Do you want to do like him?

Anyway, I hope he will come to Japan!


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Japanese Manga

201001162214341e1As you know, Japanese Manga is now popular in the world. Manga and anime is now called ”Japanese sub-culture.”

What is Manga?  Manga is like a book, but it’s mainly drawing and captions. I heard that the most difficult thing about it for foreigners is that page starts from the right side and difficult to understand how the frames are going.

Because of the popularity, in some parts of the U.S, there are some Anime expo, like Anime Boston. That makes me glad as Japanese and as a big fan of Manga. So, today, I want to introduce to you the manga that I got recently. The title is ‘‘好きっていいなよ(say I love you)’’  This is one of the most popular girl’s Manga written by Kanae Hazuki. The main character, Mei, is a high school student who doesn’t have any friends. She doesn’t trust people because of bullying when she was young, but one day, she meets a boy named Yamato, who is the most popular in her high school. She is a wired girl, and doesn’t have any friends; on the other hand, he is like the opposite human of her. But they start to attract each other… This is the love story that most of people may like!! I love it! He is so cool, kind, and I can see that she starts changing after the encounter with him. Now, the latest is 好きっていいなよ10. They are already lovers, but couples have an endless troubles…If you are interested in it, try it!

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A Late Mother’s Day

Tonkatsu taht he ordered

Mother’s day, it was May 12th this year. I should have done something for my mother, but I had a part time job all day long. So, I decided to arrange the LATE MOTHER’S DAY instead! That was today! I took my mother as well as my father to the restaurant that she had been longing to visit. Actually the driver was my father (because I don’t have a license) It was just 15 minutes driving from my house. The restaurant was called ‘‘紅葉(Kureha)’’, and Tonkatsu is famous there. I really liked an atmosphere of it. It was like a house in the woods, lights were warm, and there were some hand-made dishes for sale. Actually food was good as well! I ordered gratin, mother did pasta, and father did Tonkatsu that is the most popular among customers. They were all made by chefs after the order. That’s why that tasted like mother’s cooking. On that day, that was my treat. She likes to eat, so I thought that was the best present that we eat something delicious together. I want to try the restaurant again, hopefully with my grandmother next time!

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Candy of Vegetables

soukai_4946842520688Recently, some companies produced a tomato candy. Summer Vegetables are good for eat because these vegetables are useful to keep the cool of body. Also tomato is easy to be a candy because it is not bitter taste, it has a sour and sweet taste so people can enjoy these. And there are other vegetable candies for example the spinach candy from UHA Mikakutou, Moroheiya candy(you can buy it on the internet) , Summer vegetables and salt candy(it is including tomato, sweet corn, carrot, bitter melon and asparagus), etc. I think these summer vegetables and candies are good for keep health so please try it.