you can sleep everywhere!


When I was in the US, I realized that American people never sleep on trains.  They are reading, listening to music, or using mobile phones, etc…  Even if it is in the morning, nobody sleeps on the train.  To me they look so serious.  My American professor said, it’s so dangerous to sleep on the trains because someone would steal your bag or hurt you!! Anyway, look at this


In Tokyo, you can sleep everywhere. lol Does this mean Japan is really safe? Or are they are just crazy?
One reason Japanese people sleep on trains is because their commuting time is so long. I go to University and my commuting time is 40 minutes including trains and walking, but usually many of students go to school with spending one or two hours. In Japan, it is not common to live in dorms which are close to University. Because of the culture, they don’t like to share their room with strangers, even if they are from the same uni. It is completely different from US college life. So if you are a student in Tokyo, you have to find a apartment ( it’s expensive to live in Tokyo) or live with you parents. Which would you choose? Living by yourself at a place close to your Uni which costs a lot in rent or living with your family for free at somewhere far away from your Uni.. ?