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Yokosuka Curry Festival 2013

A196_Z2The Yokosuka Curry Festival 2013 were held on May 11th and 12th at Mikasa Park. Thirty-three cities, towns and villages gathered at this festival. There were many kinds of curries. In this event, the visitors and cook critics voted their favorite curries. The first prize was Aichi Jidori Curry (Aichi Chicken Curry). It has two types of curries, black and red. It is the one of the reason why it could get the first prize. The representative of Aichi Jidori Curry is Mr. Suzuki Yasuhiro said that ”I was just surprised. I didn’t expect that. Our group has taken part in this event for 9 years, so finally we could make it. ”

There were also the whole country curries’ area and curry buffet area. About 80 groups set up their shops. The visitors were about 7,000 people on 11th even if it was rainy and about 33,000 people on 12th. I wanted to go there…