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Which animal is popular in your country?

A baby panda was born in a Tokyo zoo last year.  I was so surprised that the newspaper special edition was handed out around Tokyo.  Last time they were handed out was for a famous criminal, but this time is for a panda! lol… Last week, on TV, every newspaper talked about nothing but this panda…  I realized that Japanese people love pandas so much. That is why panda characters are used in many situations like anime or snacks.  The reason pandas are so important to Japanese people is because pandas are so rare here.  I guess there are only four or less in Japan.  So Japanese worship pandas ! Every country has a different popular animal.  Which animal is popular in your country?  Anyway, the mother panda safely delivered a healthy baby.  I hope she takes care of the baby well and the panda baby grows up quickly and healthily!

I love you, panda. Xoxo