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What qualifications are popular???

Do you know what qualifications are popular when you do job hunting?

Ranking of Profitable Qualifications to Job Hunting!!!

1 : Microsoft Office Specialistmos_img

Microsoft Specialist (MOS) is a qualification that puts people to a test for having an ability to use software like Excel, Word and Power Point.  Nowadays, we are required to use PC if you want to get jobs.

2 : Qualifications of English

Many Japanese companies are advancing into foreign markets now.  So we have to use English.  Some companies require the TOEIC score to be promoted.  We should get high-score on TOEIC before job hunting.

3 : Bookkeeping (簿記)images

A company can make a profit by understanding the stream of money.  So if you write Bookkeeping on a resume, you can show off as a person who can make a profit by understanding the stream of money.

Before you do job hunting, you must think about qualifications.  We need to have some qualifications.  If you are interested in these things, you should try to do right now!