Welcome to ballroom!

Hello, everone. Today I have an topic which I have really wanted to share. I think I have to ask you one question before I start writing this blog. Have you ever heard “Ballroom dance”? You might imagine it’s like a movie “Shall we dance?” which was came out a while ago in Japan. I can say yes, you’re right. You might also imagine people are beautifully dressed up and dance slowly. But do you know that there are actually ballroom competitions? It’s not only for fun and elder people. It’s defined and recognized as an international sport in the world.

   I have totally into it since I’ve belonged to ballroomdance club at university. There are actually 2 kinds of dancing. These ae called Standard and Latin ( I majored in Latin.) Initially, I just wanted to work out and try on elegant dresses. But now it’s definately a part of my life and I need it in my life! So, I want you to know about what made me fascinated.
   First, let me tell you about Standard. It originaly comes from the UK and it’s said that it was loved by noble men in medieval Europe. Women are usually in long dress and men are in tuxedo. I guess you can easily imagine that it’s like Disney princess. Standard has 4 different type of dance, Walz, Tango, Slow fox, and Quick step.
The other is Latin. It’s kind of mixed up of dance in Latin America ( Things like Salsa, Bachata and even Flamenco.). Lik I said before it’s extremely energetic. It’s also has 4 kinds of dance, Chachacha, Samba, Rumba and Paso doble. The interesting thing is Latin basically express “Love”. For example, Rumba is called “The theme of love”. A male dancer sometimes hold their partner. Paso doble is an image of a bullfighter and his red kilt. Women are suppose to be a red kilt or bull. Sometimes you can see flamenco steps.

These are basic information about ballroom dance. If you have an any opportunity to try this, please do it! I guarantee it worth trying it. This video will give you a great excitement. Check it out!