Ultraviolet rays

Do you know there are strong ultraviolet rays as summer in May?
We would feel May is not still summer!
But it is not true about ultraviolet rays!!
So what we should do is choose the appropriate sunscreen for our skin!


When we choose a sunscreen, we have to think about SPF and PA.
SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor.
Although the highest SPF in Japan is 50, unless you play sports, you can just use the sunscreen with SPF 20 or 30.
PA stands for Protection Grade of UVA.
The highest PA in Japan is +++ though recently we have ++++.
We don’t need to use the highest one same as SPF if you use it usually.
People who care about the ultraviolet rays too much, including me, tend to choose the highest one such as SPF50++++.
However the sunscreen with the highest SPF and PA easily strain your skin so that we should choose it depends on the situation.
Then keep white and beautiful skin from now on!!