Samurai Blue

In two weeks, we have an important match in Saitama!! Yes, the Japanese national soccer team will clash with the Australian national team.

The Japanese national team is called SAMURAI BLUE. If they beat the Australian team, they make participant in the World Cup in 2014. That’s the reason this match is so important.


In the last match in March, there were several injured players who were not able to participate in the last match However they may be going to participate in the match this time so that this match is the particularly remarkable match.

For instance Yuto Nagatomo has recovered recently. His passionate play-style is very attractive and it brings passion in the team.


SAMURAI BLUE is the champion of the Asian Cup. But I would say their weak-point is a lack of the confidence to shoot. I think Yuto will make it better so that I wish they would beat the Australian team!!

Let’s cheer them up in June 4th!!