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My Part-time Job



Are you doing part-time job now? I work at a cram school as a part-time job. The cram school is especially for students taking a junior high-school entrance examination and going to integrating junior and senior high schools. I teach English, Japanese and math to a high school student and two elementary students. I don’t like math and I’m not good at math. So I need to make good preparations and it is very important. It is difficult to teach even English because I have to explain clearly.


But I enjoy teaching because I  also study and learn a lot. I need to not only teach but also communicate with the students and motivate them. Especially, it is difficult that elementary school students keep concentrate on one thing. They are so cute!  I feel nostalgic  when I see my students and I realized I’m adult.  I hope my students understand my explain and  my students will get good score.