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Love! Les Miserables!!


It was my first time to go theaters to watch the same movie many times…

Actually I’ve watched the movie, “Les Miserables”, twice in Boston and once in Japan! I’m a such a person rarely cry if I watch sad movies, but I cried each time…

The movie is a full of sad short stories and a musical movie. At first, I was worried about my listening skill because I watched the movie in English without subtitles and it’s a long movie. However, it was too amazing to sleep and lose my powers of concentrations!

You know, “A dream I dreamed” is a very famous song that Suzan Boyle sang at Britain’s “Got Talent 2009″ and got extreme reputations!! At the movie, Anne Hathaway sang it. Actually I had gooseflesh..!!

I felt Eponine is the most pitiful character in this movie… She didn’t do anything bad, but the reality was very cruel for her…..

I love Jovert’s voice!! He also is one of pitiful people who couldn’t avoid a cruel destiny….

I can say ” Just watch it!!” and
“Go to “TSUTAYA” as soon as possible if the DVD releases!!”