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How to keep pretty skin.

Hi, everyone. Today I’d like to talk about beauty. And this time I focus on one topic, how to keep pretty skin. We often have problems about facial skin like getting pimple and wrinkles. One day you got up and found a huge pimple on your face…. How would you feel it? I’m sure it’s so depressing for especially girls. In this time I’ll give you several suggestions to get rid of problems of facial skin.


  First,drink a lot of water. Please make sure your body is more dihydrated than you think. We can make our body clear and get rid of pimples in order to drink enough water. You should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. If you feel it’s quite much, you can add some fruit juice in it.

Secondly, put off your make up before you go to bed. I know it’s kind of troublesome to do it when you are tired. However, sleeping with putting on makeup is extremely nasty for your facial skin. Almost all cosmetics contain oil. It means you put on rotten oil when you sleep if you don’t put off make up. Stop it!

These are my pieces of advice for having pretty skin. If you have any problem about beauty, fell free to contact me. Lastly, this interesting video shows effective skin care. YouTube video.  Thank you.