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Female Employment Rate in Japan and our Future….

写真kkToday, after 3rd period, I attended  to a guidance to job hunting.Since before, I was really worried about my future job and whenever I attended to a guidance to job hunting, I felt blue. I think almost everyone in the Hitomi Auditorium felt as same as mine.

During the guidance, there were happy news and sad news.The good news was, the female employment rate increased compare to last year and teacher told us that Showa Women University has a highest employment rate within other women’s university. That was amazing!

写真ppThe bad news was, the period of the company information session will start later than last year and it means, we have limitations how many company information sessions we can go. So, we have to think carefully and attend to the sessions.

 I found an interesting article and it says, in Ishikawa-Ken, the female employment rate has increased and recently it has the highest female employment in Japan. In this prefecture, they support women for re-employment. In addition, they have many extended day care creche(延長保育実施保育所) compare to other prefectures. But still if we compare Japanese female employment rate to other countries,  our country is still low.

  1. Germany 66.1%
  2. England 65.3%
  3. America 62.4%
  4. Japan 60.1%
  5. France 59.9%                                                                                    (2010, by OECD)

It is sad that even our female employment rate increased compare to before, still we are low rank compare to other coubtries. I hope that oneday not only in Japan but also among the world, our female employment rate will increase more so that women have happier life than now.

Also, teacher told us valuable information about how to use career support center wisely, how to study for SPI3 and how to find a job which is suitable for ourselves.

We will face many difficulties but in order to grab our dream jobs, we have to study hard and do not give up for our dreams!