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Doraemon Museum

In Kanagawa, there is a Doraemon museum. Doraemon is a famous character in Japan. He comes from the future and can use many tools which are very useful. He looks like a raccoon dog, color is blue. You can go to there from Sinjuku, It is not so far I think, but you have to make a reservation. In the museum, you can enjoy various things, for example you can take picture with Dokodemodoa(it is a tool which Doraemon can use), Doraemon, Doramichan(She is sister of Doraemon), Gian(He is a rival of Nobita who is a friend of Doraemon) and more. And, they show us an original animation which was made for this museum. Also there is a cafe. They make foods or beverages with character picture. My photo is the Dorayaki. If you interested in this place, please go to there. You will have a good time absolutely.P1370370