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Do you send a reply soon?


When you receive an email from your friends, do you reply the email soon? Some people really care about a reply. In my case, usually my reply is late because I just read an email and I forget to send the reply. I found the article written about whether women send a reply soon or not. There are some opinions on the newspaper. One woman says she want to send a reply soon because she doesn’t like to forget to reply, but she think if she reply too soon, other people feel uncomfortable. So she uses the function of the reservation for messages. By the function, people can set the time when you want to send a reply. Another woman says she feels uncomfortable about LINE because LINE has the function that senders can know whether receivers read a message. Currently, LINE is popular in Japan. But some people rushed because of the function, so they reply as soon as possible. We need to manage how to send a message depend on people. Which is your type?