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Baby using ipad

Generation changed!look at this You Tube.

Apple products have changed our life and future.  When I got an Ipad, I was just amazed at how useful it was.

Since then, I am addicted to using an ipad and iphone too .   I think I’m not the only one with this problem. I open my Facebook every hour, check my twitter every ten minutes, text my friends every few minutes….Like I live on the internet.
This clip tells more about the child.  Imagine that if you had an iphone or ipad when you were little, what would happen to you?  You would only live on the internet without knowing real life, including communication.  Well, I am not blaming outside influences.  Steve Jobs didn’t give the child an ipad, the parents did.  I just want to say parents have responsibilities to educate kids.  I just don’t want to kids to be people who are addicted to an iphone and carry it with them even when they go to the toilet, like me.