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Apes will rule the world?!

Read this article.

I want to have  apes as a pet and give him an iPad.

I don’t know the difference between chimpanzees and gorillas because they look similar, but apes are actually the smartest animal in the world.  I guess they just don’t know how to use their intelligence yet. However if they get more intelligent, apes could beat human beings because they are more powerful and bigger than us.  I think  apes will rule the world because they are so smart.

Have you seen “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”?  After watching this, I felt scared of the power of apes.

You might have known how powerful and smart apes are.  Well, now is the 21st century.  Nothing is impossible.  If Japan can treat and educate apes well, apes can be a weapon for Japan.   apes might be able to protect Japan in the future. Maybe Japan can be the number one country in the world?! lol

 by SWU Rocks