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imagesummer is coming soon. It’s time to go to see fireworks. Do you have any plans to go to see?
There are fireworks in Nagaoka (Nigata-ken) on August 2,3. It is one of the biggest fireworks festival in Japan. About 20,000 fireworks are launched for two days and 890,000 people come to see them every year. If you don’t prefer to see them at crowded place, you can get reserved seats (you need to pay).

My grand parents live in Nagaoka, and I went there to see fireworks sometimes. It was my best fireworks I have ever seen and I have never seen such a huge fireworks! I’m sure you would be impressed. If you have time, why don’t you go to see fireworks?


The Fashion Model Squirrel


I found very cute movie from YouTube. The squirrel wanted to have a snack and ask a person to give something. At that time his pose is ultra-cute. I had seen many squirrels in Boston but I had never seen such a cute pose. Please watch this video.

How is it? It’s so cute isn’t it? The pose is like a fashion model. I guess he was trying to threaten the people or something like that. I can watch it again and again! I want to meet the super model squirrel.