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An Apple a day

An AppleI like apples. Since I was little I always ate apples that my grandmother grew, because she has an apple field. She is living in Nagano. Also my grandmother often sends a big box full of many apples to my parents’ house. These apples taste very good, very sweet, the outside color is light red and inside is like little light cream. My grandmother’s apples are the most delicious apples I’ve ever eaten because they not only taste great but they also have a lot of sweet syrup in the center. This is my favorite part. The apple looks very simple, the shape is just circular and the color is red or yellowish green. It’s just normal. I think the apple is not only nice to look at and taste but it also makes my feeling calm, gentle and soft. This means I will feel better and happier when I eat them. My mother made grated apple for me when I was sick. These apples have a good influence for my feeling. So that’s why I like apples.

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The restaurant SHOGUN in Boston


When I was in Boston, I often went to a Japanese restaurant in Boston. There were many Japanese restaurants in Boston but the one called “SHOGUN” was not same as other restaurant, I was really impressed. We went there as a class. Taste, looks, service and atmosphere were all different from other Japanese restaurants in Boston. I met a Japanese woman who works there, her name is Hidemi. When I went there, she told us a lot of good stories. When she was young she came to America in 1971. At that time study abroad was uncommon in japan. It took her 6 days to come here by ship, not airplane. I was really surprised by that. She studied hard when she came to America, always reading dictionary or advertisement to study. She gave us good information like how to get a job, how to study or use English and what we need in the future. I was influenced by Ms. Hidemi’s story at that time, I thought that I should appreciate that I could study abroad in America and have a really precious time in Boston.

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What qualifications are popular???

Do you know what qualifications are popular when you do job hunting?

Ranking of Profitable Qualifications to Job Hunting!!!

1 : Microsoft Office Specialistmos_img

Microsoft Specialist (MOS) is a qualification that puts people to a test for having an ability to use software like Excel, Word and Power Point.  Nowadays, we are required to use PC if you want to get jobs.

2 : Qualifications of English

Many Japanese companies are advancing into foreign markets now.  So we have to use English.  Some companies require the TOEIC score to be promoted.  We should get high-score on TOEIC before job hunting.

3 : Bookkeeping (簿記)images

A company can make a profit by understanding the stream of money.  So if you write Bookkeeping on a resume, you can show off as a person who can make a profit by understanding the stream of money.

Before you do job hunting, you must think about qualifications.  We need to have some qualifications.  If you are interested in these things, you should try to do right now!

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Inspired by Starbucks

rps20130530_094630_410This is not usual Starbucks!! Inspired by Starbucks is located in Futakotamagawa. It takes about 7 minutes on foot from Futakotamagawa station. The concept is that customers can relax and become your neighborhood. So, the clerks don’t wear Starbucks uniforms and wear private clothes.You will be surprised that you can drink alcohol at Starbucks!! There are wine and beer. If you want to drink alcohol, you can order from 12 p.m.  And coffee and  foods also taste good. So, you must feel freshness and be inspired by new Starbucks!!