The Mirror of the Sky

Salar De クリックすると新しいウィンドウで開きますUyuni is a beautiful place in Bolivia.

When the flat lake is covered with rainwater in the rainy season, around April to November, the biggest mirror in the world appears.

It’s called “The Mirror of the Sky.”

It’s like diving in the sky.

Peopl also call this place the place of most close to heaven.  Because this place is really flat, you can take funny pictures like you can see the left.

During dry season, you can see different face of Salar De Uyuni.  It’s verry different from the one you can see during rainy season though, we can find its beauty in both seasons.

This is one place everyone wants to see on someday while we are alive in this awesome world.

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Yokosuka Curry Festival 2013

A196_Z2The Yokosuka Curry Festival 2013 were held on May 11th and 12th at Mikasa Park. Thirty-three cities, towns and villages gathered at this festival. There were many kinds of curries. In this event, the visitors and cook critics voted their favorite curries. The first prize was Aichi Jidori Curry (Aichi Chicken Curry). It has two types of curries, black and red. It is the one of the reason why it could get the first prize. The representative of Aichi Jidori Curry is Mr. Suzuki Yasuhiro said that ”I was just surprised. I didn’t expect that. Our group has taken part in this event for 9 years, so finally we could make it. ”

There were also the whole country curries’ area and curry buffet area. About 80 groups set up their shops. The visitors were about 7,000 people on 11th even if it was rainy and about 33,000 people on 12th. I wanted to go there…


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How to keep pretty skin.

Hi, everyone. Today I’d like to talk about beauty. And this time I focus on one topic, how to keep pretty skin. We often have problems about facial skin like getting pimple and wrinkles. One day you got up and found a huge pimple on your face…. How would you feel it? I’m sure it’s so depressing for especially girls. In this time I’ll give you several suggestions to get rid of problems of facial skin.


  First,drink a lot of water. Please make sure your body is more dihydrated than you think. We can make our body clear and get rid of pimples in order to drink enough water. You should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. If you feel it’s quite much, you can add some fruit juice in it.

Secondly, put off your make up before you go to bed. I know it’s kind of troublesome to do it when you are tired. However, sleeping with putting on makeup is extremely nasty for your facial skin. Almost all cosmetics contain oil. It means you put on rotten oil when you sleep if you don’t put off make up. Stop it!

These are my pieces of advice for having pretty skin. If you have any problem about beauty, fell free to contact me. Lastly, this interesting video shows effective skin care. YouTube video.  Thank you.

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Do you send a reply soon?


When you receive an email from your friends, do you reply the email soon? Some people really care about a reply. In my case, usually my reply is late because I just read an email and I forget to send the reply. I found the article written about whether women send a reply soon or not. There are some opinions on the newspaper. One woman says she want to send a reply soon because she doesn’t like to forget to reply, but she think if she reply too soon, other people feel uncomfortable. So she uses the function of the reservation for messages. By the function, people can set the time when you want to send a reply. Another woman says she feels uncomfortable about LINE because LINE has the function that senders can know whether receivers read a message. Currently, LINE is popular in Japan. But some people rushed because of the function, so they reply as soon as possible. We need to manage how to send a message depend on people. Which is your type?

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Les Miserables

Have you seen the movie or the stage of Les Miserables?

I watched both of them! At first, I watched it in Boston during studying abroad. Of course it had no subtitles so I could


understand the whole content only about 50 percent. However I already had learned the meaning of some songs which are sung in the movie in class. Therefore I could understand the scenes, and also each actor fitted their role perfectly and their singing voices were wonderful.. I don’t know how many times I cried. Even though I couldn’t get enough to understand the whole story, I was really impressed. After I came back to Japan, I went to watch it with subtitles. (yay!) Then I noticed I had misunderstood some and finally I could understand clearly. In May, I went to a theater and watched the stage of it. I felt different force from the movie and the live singing voices were fantastic! However I felt like some actors aren’t suitable for their role and the stage is too small to perform..

I prefer the movie to the stage but the favorite should be separated by the people. I like the cast and direction of the movie. If you’re interested, check both of them out!


My best recommended Model!

Do you know Chiharu Okunugi? Maybe you don’t know.  She is my best recommended Japanese Model!  She is now 21
years old and her height is 177cm.  She is working at New York, Paris, Milan and


London.  She have wore very famous brand clothes, such as LOUIS VUITTON, CHANEL, HERMES and so on.  She was also chosen LUMINE’s image character.  You might have seen the picture in your hometown, haven’t you?
Actually she is my friend because I and she went same high school! Therefore I’m really cheering her!!  If you are interested in Chiharu, please check it out!!