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Long soft cream


What a strange soft ice cream I have ever had!! You can buy this softice cream at Shiro Ichi “白一”. It is located Shibuya. This soft cream is different from general soft cream. As you can see, the appearance is strange, but the taste is also different. I ate it and the taste was really good and close to sherbet. And when I bought it, a clerk said “Please to be careful if you fall down the ice cream” kindly. I thought it is difficult to make “Long soft cream” for clerks.If you are interested in the soft cream, you must try eating!!






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Tightrope walking in Vienna


This video is very scarcely. On May 24th, an Austrian guy walked a tightrope in Vienna. Do you know the place? He did it at St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Here is very famous for a sightseen place. The distance between two buildings is 50m and the height is about 60m. I can’t believe it… can you? Unfortunately, the day was so windy, but he made it.

A few years ago, he visited St. Stephen’s Cathedral and he said “I want to walk tightrope” as a joke. Brilliantly he did it. His dream came true. He became the first person who succeeded tightrope walking at St. Stephen’s Cathedral.