Night View of Yokohama

IMG_0151     Have you ever been to Yokohama? I think Yokohama is lovely city, especially night view is perfect! Then, I would like to share some information about nice night view spot of Yokohama. At first, the Ferris wheel called Cosmo Crock 21 is good. You can see the panoramic view of the Yokohama from high level. You also see the Osanbashi, Yokohama Red Brick Ware house and Yokohama Landmark Tower. If you are lucky, you can ride a special color gondola such as white and purple, because there is only one by one. Second is the rooftop of Osanbashi called the back of whale(くじらのせなか). You can see the view of Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Cosmo Crock 21 and Inter Continental Yokohama Grand. The angle is perfect. Last is the Sea Bass. This is a small ship. It starts from Yokohama Station to Yamashita Park. You can see the view of Yokohama from the ship and you can feel the sea breeze. I think it is the best view spot. Why don’t you go to Yokohama to see the night view?

Food and Drink health

Can we eat meat when you are on diet?

meatOf course, we eat meat in our daily life and it is necessary food for us.  However, if you are on diet, will you eat it?  Maybe, many people will say ‘NO’, because we think that meat will gain weight.  But, recently, it is said that lean steak will help your diet.  Lean steak will work to lose weight effectively.  If researchers compared with eating meat when they are on diet, or not, more weight lost when they eat lean steak.  Why they could lose more weight?  This is because, protein what is included in lean steak kept people’s muscle mass so they could lose weight even if they didn’t have usual meals.  If you are on diet, you don’t need to stand to eat meat.  You should try to have balanced meals.