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1_fxknockHave you ever used “FRIXION BALL” which is a pen you can erase words.  PILOT took 30 years to develop “FRIXION BALL.”  They developed 10 kinds of pen which you can erase words.  Now, a lot of people use this pen in offices and school.  Do you know why this pen can erase words without an eraser?  This is why words are erased by frictional heat(摩擦熱).  Ink of “FRIXION BALL” is erased by heating.  When you erase words, there are not trash.  You can write words any number of times.  It is very useful.  If you are interested in this pen, you should try using “FRIXION BALL”!!!

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Alice in a dancing land


Recently, there are various strange restaurants in Shibuya.


Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant” which is a motif of “Alice in Wonderland” has five restaurants in Tokyo.  These restaurants have individual names.  One of them is “Alice in a dancing land”   When you enter this restaurant, you can see a lot of “Alice” as waitresses.  And when you order dishes, you use a pocket watch as a menu.  Many foreigners also go to this restaurant.  I’m sure you could enjoy and feel Alice’s world at “Alice in a dancing land”.  Of course, this restaurant’s dishes are delicious!  So you can have a great time at “Alice in a dancing land”!!!


The Wanted

rps20130523_101023Recently, The Wanted came to Japan for the first time. When I was in Boston, I went to a concert and The Wanted was there. After I saw their singing, I became fun of them. Their songs are good and their characters are also nice!! The Wanted is organized 5 members-Jay, Max, Siva, Nathan and Tom- and they are popular in America and UK. Now, they are becoming popular in japan. Unfortunately, Nathan couldn’t come this visiting because of throat operation. I wanted to see them, I couldn’t. So, I hope that I will see them next time, when they come to visit in Japan.

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Chat Noir

rps20130530_013352_788If you want to relax, I recommend you to go to Chat Noir! Chat Noir is café where is located in Sangenzyaya. Chat Noir has drink, spaghetti, toasts and dessert and so on. And you can eat them by reasonable price. Actually, I work there as part time job and I recommend you to eat big parfait!! This is popular in Chat Noir and taste is good. You can visit Chat Noir before  Culture Studies Lectures and Women’s studies lectures or while you are leaving on the way. I’m waiting for you as one of customers there.