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Ricotta Cheese Pancake


Do you know Royal Garden Café? I would like to introduce a delicious pancake which named “ricotta cheese pancake with bananas”. The pancake is very soft and it is not sweet like egg, plus fried bananas and some berries. If you want to eat sweet one, you can put organic maple syrup made in Canada. It is so yummy!! It makes me happy and full. The cafe is located in Shibuya. It is comfortable to stay there. I really recommend the café and the pancake. 🙂

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Let’s go to Boston!

Finally there is going to be a direct flight from Tokyo Narita to Boston. The service will start on April 22nd 2012. Yeah!!!! As everyone who has flown to Boston knows, you often have to make a change at New York or Chicago. If you travel there from Japan you always arrive in the evening or at night. However, from now on people will be able to enjoy Boston from the daytime. The city now feels closer to Japan than ever before!  I previously spent a year in Boston as an exchange student so I’m really happy about this news.


By SWU Rocks

 By SWU Rocks

SWU Rocks

Ice cream addiction!

I heard that Ben and Jerry’s have launched in Tokyo. When I lived in Boston I used to go there a lot. The company is said to be the most popular ice cream franchise in the United States. Actually Ben&Jerry’s were in Japan before, but they weren’t successful. Now I am back in Japan, so when I want to eat ice cream I often go to Cold Stone or Baskin Robbins. I think Baskin is the most famous in Japan. Which do you like the best?! p.s oops I forgot about Häagen-Dazs! 🙂


By SWU Rocks

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Hato Bus Tour for Foreigners

Hato Bus is one of the famous tour bus companies for Japanese. The Hato Bus also conducts to introduce Tokyo for foreigners. In particular, the tour introduces about Japanese historical city, temples, shrines, garden or trendy hot spots like Tokyo Sky Tree. In this movie, Japanese English learners also participate in this tour. Video.(13 min. Japanese)

ECC students could talk with foreigners in the tour directly and also they could learn English there. I think it is good opportunity to communicate with people who can speak English because we need such opportunities in Japan and also, we have to know our history and culture to introduce to foreigners. However, the tour conductor’s English is very typical Japanese English, I think. I wonder about people can understand his English.

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Tokyo Sky Tree’s first anniversary


This year is a  Tokyo Sky Tree‘s first anniversary. This is the highest tower as a freestanding broadcast structure. It has 634 meter, I can not imagine. I have not been to there. I want to go, so I examine the Tokyo Sky Tree. At there, first, we take an elevator to go to an observation deck. This elevator has illuminations which are changed the design in each season. At  the observation deck floor, there is a transparent glass at our feet, so we can see the ground from 350 meter. Also, at 450 meter floor, there is a corridor. We can feel that we are in the sky now! This corridor is the  highest space in the Tokyo Sky Tree.  This tower is an interesting place. Please check it.

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The rate of employment


Today, I saw a news about the rate of employment. People who graduated from college got a job, 93.9% students are working now. Last year, the rate was 93.6%. It increased a little bit, 0.3%. Then I surprised that Women’s rate of employment was higher than man’s! Recently News said that Japan’s GDP (it shows us that our country’s index of a nation’s economic conditions) gets better. This is a good news about rate of employment for us.

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My Part-time Job



Are you doing part-time job now? I work at a cram school as a part-time job. The cram school is especially for students taking a junior high-school entrance examination and going to integrating junior and senior high schools. I teach English, Japanese and math to a high school student and two elementary students. I don’t like math and I’m not good at math. So I need to make good preparations and it is very important. It is difficult to teach even English because I have to explain clearly.


But I enjoy teaching because I  also study and learn a lot. I need to not only teach but also communicate with the students and motivate them. Especially, it is difficult that elementary school students keep concentrate on one thing. They are so cute!  I feel nostalgic  when I see my students and I realized I’m adult.  I hope my students understand my explain and  my students will get good score.



A exhibit of LOVE (LOVE展)

A exhibit of LOVE (LOVE展)

In this exhibition, all exhibitions are connected “LOVE” and this exhibition will be held from April 26 through September 1 at Mori museum in Roppongi Hills . This exhibition is erected to commemorate 10 years anniversary of Mori museum. Admission costs 1,000 yen for college students.
There are about 200 works and you can see about LOVE through many kinds of LOVE art, family love, human love, complex love.

This exhibition is worth going to see! It is not formal museum as you know.


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Japanese bars with unique theme


tp_mRecently there are many kinds of the unique bars in Japan. It’s kind of the trend among the Japanese university students. Let me introduce one of them because I went there a few days ago and it was so interesting for me. The name of it is “The Lock Up”. (video)

The model of this bar is a haunted house.

There is unique menu related to the haunted house and an event in this bar.


Suddenly the lights are turned off and monsters which are the stuff of this bar come to us and frighten us. You can enjoy not only food and drink but also the atmosphere and the event as well.

In conclusion, I think bar is not the only place to enjoy the meal and drink as a trend. Through enjoying the different atmosphere and a unique world view of this bar, we can feel the extraordinary. Feeling the extraordinary is good for refreshment. There are bars which modeled school, game, ninja and so on.

Why don’t you find the bar that suit your taste.



Keith Jarrett


81d1ypnIw0L__SL290_I like jazz music because my father always listens to a lot of jazz music. One of my favorite jazz musicians is Keith Jarrett. He is known as a jazz pianist but he play a variety of genre of music. His performance is very unique. For example, he bows down and says something when he plays piano.


In 1978, he came to Japan and held solo concert in Nihonbudokan. It was a special concert as a jazz pianist. He has held more than 165 concerts in Japan.


I would like to introduce one music he played. That is “Over the rainbow”. The sound is very beautiful and his arrangement is great.  I was impressed by his sound and I felt really relaxed. Even thought you are not interested in jazz music, his performance will attract you. I recommend you to listen to this music when you neeed healing.