My favorite place in Boston


I would like to introduce my favorite place in Boston. I lived in Boston for 6 month, from September in 2012 to March in 2013. I walked around Boston many times. I like all place, but the best is Boston Library. I went to Boston Library to borrow music CD and to study. There were many kinds of CD, so I could borrow pop music, rock music and jazz music CD. Therefore, my iTunes is big now. My favorite place in library is reading room. It looks like a Harry Potter’s library. I like table and chair which made of wood and green lamp. Green lamp is cute! I was happy when I study in this room. I  want to go and to study there again.


The LOVE exhibition at ROPPONGI

THIS IS FOR ALL YOU ART LOVERS OUT THERE. Recently, the Love exhibition is held in Mori museum for THE 10th anniversary from April 26th to September 1st. I sometimes feel bored to only see paintings in a museum, but the Love exhibition is modern art. So, if you are not interested in arts, you can enjoy the new arts with perception, both seeing and hearing. There are about 200 paintings.I actually went there and enjoyed seeing new kind of arts. This photo is an exhibition of Yayoi Kusano. You can take a    picture like me. In addition, I could use my student card for discounted fee. So, it’s good for students. I recommend YOU to go to see it before September 1st!! You can feel a lot of LOVE throughout the art! 2013-04-28-15-23-13_photo

Food and Drink health


Collection of chocolates

Do you think chocolate is good for our health? Recently, I eat chocolate every day. I’m crazy about chocolates now. I heard we gain our weights, get high blood pressure, and diabetic. So, I search a relation between chocolate and health.

In fact, chocolate is healthy because it has cocoa. Cocoa beans are main ingredient. They have effects that reduce the risks of diabetes, stroke and heart attack. So, it is good to eat chocolate to our health.

However, most commercial chocolate has ingredients that add fat, sugar and calories. And eating too much chocolate can contribute to weight gain, a risk factor for high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. So, we should choose dark chocolate with cocoa content of 65 percent or higher and limit ourselves to around 85 grams a day. Do you think chocolate is good to our health? I’ll try to buy bitter chocolate instead of sweet one.

Food and Drink health

What is the effect of chewing gum?

Nowadays, we have many kinds of chewing gums.  When we chew gums, we will be relaxed.  It means that gums relieve our tension.  It will lead the settlement of a mental condition.  In additon, there are some other effects.  For example, if we chew gums after meals, it will clean our teeth.  In addition, gums workchewing gum to shake off drowsiness and aging prevention.  We can maintain our health to keep chewing gums more than 30 minutes every day.  Chewing gums have many advantages for our health.


entertainment Japan

Go Ayano


Do you know Go Ayano?  He is a Japanese actor who became popular recently.  He appears a lot of films and dramas.  Now, he is appearing on a Japanese TV drama, “空飛ぶ広報室”.  He is a mild-mannered person.  However, when he talks about Arashi which is a Japanese music group, he looks excited!!!  He really likes Arashi!!!  You may feel his great acting ability gradually if you watch films or drama which he appears.  I recommend you watching his films and dramas once!!  Please check him carefully!!

Students SWU Rocks

Vampire teeth

Japan is so crazy.  I saw the news this morning and that woke me up!

Apparently, vampire teeth are now fashionable in Japan.  These days, vampire teeth are so popular among young Japanese girls.  They are trying to get fake vampire teeth with operations.  The one reason Japanese girls want vampire teeth is because some popular Japanese idols have vampire teeth.  They are actually so pretty but it doesn’t mean girls should try to get plastic vampire teeth on purpose!  Everyone hates vampire teeth in the world because they look like devil.  Vampire teeth are only popular in Japan, I guess.  In Japan, having vampire teeth is thought to look like a cute devil (小悪魔) .  Japanese people don’t think that devils are scary.  When Japan is compared with the US, people in Japan don’t care about how perfect their teeth are as much as Americans.  People in other countries might be not able to understand this but surprisingly some Japanese people think little, ugly teeth are cuter.

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