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Rocket News on Osaka Parfait


Wow. Over at Rocket News 24, they love cake, and sweets. The site has news about Japan in English, and thinks that Osaka has better sweets than Tokyo.

RocketNews24 was featured on the most popular blog in the world, BoingBoing. It is one of the most interesting blogs about technology, writing and lots of other strange stuff. There are 5 or 6 authors. Many thousands of people read their articles every day. I am one of them. I love BoingBoing.

I consider this a challenge. Since all you students out there love sweets so much, why don’t you tell us about which shop in Tokyo is better than the one in Osaka? Has anybody tried this shop before?

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“Kung Fu Bear of Asa-Zoo in Hiroshima Japan”

Please watch this video. This bear is Mr. Cloud, Tsukinowaguma- Asian Black Bears and has special ability. He can do Kung fu. He became famous and popular, but he stopped this performance last autumn. Asa-Zoo where he lives couldn’t have visitors well. They couldn’t get  box office as well. While they worried about it, Mr. Cloud started the performance again this March. He helped Asa-Zoo. After he started Kung fu, the number of visitors increased very well. This Golden week, there were a lot of visitors in Asa-Zoo. This news are very nice, but I worry about Mr. Cloud because many animals in a zoo have stress. I hope he will continue this performance in a comfortable environment.IMG_6518

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Who is the richest?

The niconico news researched who is the richest character in Japanese manga. Actually we don’t know the richest character, so they voted it by their guess. The result is here.

  1. Tsukasa Domyojia5
  2. Mr. Hanawa
  3. Chama Bocha
  4. Keiichi Nakagawa
  5. Suneo Hoonekawa

This kind of survey is very interested. We can categorize many characters, so I want niconico news to research this kind of survey.img_325744_15347280_1

Food and Drink



Komeda is one of really famous and popular cafes in Nagoya.     People who live in Nayago often go to Komeda to have brunch with their family on weekends or whenever they would like to take a break with a cup of coffe and relax.

I was born in Nagoya, and I lived there when I was little.  I often went to the cafe with my family including my grand parents, so it is a memorable place to me.  My favorite food at Komeda is Shironowaru which is in the picture.  It is so delicious as you can imagine by looking at the picture!
Now, the cafe is in Sangenjaya.  It is really close to Sangenjaaya station, so I recommend you to go there and try Shironowaru!

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Golden Week



On the first day of the week, I went to a shopping mall with my friend to find new clothes for summer.  When I got to the shopping mall, my friend and I stopped by a café, and we enjoyed talking about our memories in high school.  After that, we got some clothes and entered to the movie theater in the shopping mall.  Then, we watched a movie which is called “LIBRARY WARS” because my friend likes an actor in that movie.  The actor’s name is Junichi Okada.  I’m not one of his fans, but I really enjoyed watching the movie.  The story of that movie was a love story which was written by Hiro Arikawa, and it was a best-selling novel, so the movie is worth to watch!

Except for that day, I did nothing, but I enjoyed the holidays by not doing anything.

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Golden Week

The end of the April through around May 5 is called “golden week in Japan. April 29 which is the first holiday is the birthday of Showa Emperor. Now, this day is called Showa day. The second holiday is Constitution Memorial Day, May 3. And May 4 is called Green Day. The last holiday is Children’s day, May 5. It’s a Japanese tradition for families of boys to hang up carp streamers outside their houses around this holiday. Carps are believed to symbolize successes in children’s lives. Traditionally, we celebrate this day with not only carp streams but also dolls for the Boy’s Festival, Kashiwa-mochi, and Chimaki. However, recently I rarely see the carp streams and the dolls.
How many people do these traditional things in Japan? According to AQUTNET research, 7.9% of people hang up the carp streams, 12.8% of people display the dolls for the Boy’s Festival, 13.6% of people take a bath with iris, and 28.2% of people eat Kahiwa-mochi and Chimaki. It said the number of people who display the decoration for Boy’s Day is decreasing because of their housing situation and “golden week”. On the other hand, on Girl’s day, March 3, about 50% of people display dolls for Girl’s Day.
When I was a child, I thought carp streams were big and weird because of their design. However, I feel sad when I don’t see them on Children’s Day. We tend to think Golden Week is a holiday to go out to play and to travel. But I think we shouldn’t forget the meaning of each day and try to keep Japanese tradition.

carp streamer

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Check In Check In :-O

foursquare_checkinDo you Check In?  Check In is a way of sharing where you are.  Using Foursquare or Facebook, you can check in and tell your friends what you are doing.

Some people want a record of what they were doing at a particular time.  And also you can tag your friends at the place. Using Check In makes your life more memorable and special.

At least in Japan, people love taking photos of food and posting them on social networking sites.  Some of them have more pictures of their food than their faces.