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高速道路乗り放題サービスThe ultimate ride service

-AkemiDo you often use a highway? Japan had an ultimate ride service which we could go everywhere by only 1000 yen. This service was very popular because of the low cost. However this service was finished on June 19th. So during that weekend, the expressway was congested with thousands of cars like Golden Week. Traffic was backed up for 17 km.
My parents liked this service and they went travel which where they can go by 1000yen. They didn’t decide where they go. They went to Mie where is very far away from my house. It took about 6 hours one way and it costs over 7000yen without this service. They really miss this service and I think people who are like my parents are not a few. Because this service was finished, tourists who go travel by cars will decrease a lot. So people who are in sightseeing resort are worried about it. Do you want to go somewhere even if this service was finished?