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宇宙の古川さんと小学生通信Satoshi Furukawa communicated with students


-MegumiSatoshi Furukawa who has stayed at International Space Station communicated with students by radio. Many students gathered in Kumamoto municipal elementary school to communicate with Mr. Furukawa on June 21.
They fell silently because they could not communicate with him on time, but their faces irradiated with joy as soon as they heard his voice from the loudspeaker. One of the students said him, “What is the most beautiful thing from space?” Then he said, “It is the earth. The earth is very beautiful blue.” Another student said him, “The earthquake caused extensive damage to Japan. Can you see the damage from space?” Then he said, “We can see the transformation of the Tohoku district’s coast. We are looking forward to seeing the recovery from space. ”