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スワンクイーンだった女の子A girl who was the swan queen

たったの一週間前、注目すべき映画が日本で公開された。それは「ブラックスワン」。 この主演女優は前回のアカデミーで主演女優賞を獲得したナタリーポートマンだ。この映画は主に白鳥の湖でプリマに選ばれた女の子の話である。 彼女は白鳥役は大変うまく踊れるのだが、彼女は黒鳥の役も上手く踊る必要があった。 それがバレエのプロデューサーも彼女に要求していたことだったし、彼女もそうしたかった。 だが、全ては彼女の願い通りにはいかないのだ。  それゆえに彼女はストーリーが進むにつれて悩んでいく、彼女はどのように変化していくのだろうか?


-MadokaJust one week ago, the remarkable movie was finally on Japan. It’s called “Black Swan”.  The main actress Natary Portman who received the best actress prize in the last Academy. It’s mainly about the girl who is a prima ballerina of the swan lake.  She can dance “White Swan” very well but she needs to dance well as a “Black Swan” too.  That’s what the producer of it demanded her to do and she wanted too.  But everything doesn’t go well as she hopes.  She will be in struggle and as the story goes, how will she change herself?

Especially, the camera works and the music was amazingly beautiful.  These just looked like a piece of art.  I don’t think I need to say that Natary Portman was great. It’s because she was , of course, excellent.  What about the story?  The story was a little bit difficult and complicated.  I think it’s because sometimes the story mixed up the actual story and the feeling of Swan queen’s inside.  I don’t recommend you to watch it alone. Bring someone and enjoy discussing after the movie!