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アメリカドラマ「フルハウス」は日本でとても有名なドラマの一つです。American drama “Full House,” very famous drama in Japan


-MitsuriThe characters are Michelle, Jesse who is Michelle’s uncle, Joey who is Jesse and Michelle’s father’s friend and Rebecca. Rebecca is Jesse’s wife. They are newlyweds, so they want to spend the time only each other on the night. However, Michelle wants to play with Jesse anytime. He tries to lock her out because she can’t understand that. She was very mad!! She went to Joey’s room to appeal her mind. He went to Jesse’s room with Michelle to ask him why he couldn’t play with her. Jesse told that Joey could play with Michelle. In fact, Joey had to work. Finally, Jesse locked them out though Joey didn’t have the time to play with her.

This scene is very funny and interesting. I watched it first time when I was 7 years old. I learn that the family is all in all to people. I wanted to play with someone when I was a child, so I understand Michelle’s mind. However, I do that same things if the children come in my room in the night now. The night is very important time for newlyweds!! Maybe I say “Don’t disturb!!”