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アヴリル・ラヴィーン:何故彼女は日本で人気なのか?Avril Ramona Lavigne: Why is she so popular in Japan?

“What The Hell” 今この歌は、日本でとても人気があります。歌手はアヴリルラヴィーン。カナダ出身の25歳。多くの日本人がこの歌と彼女を好きな理由が、わかりますか?下記は私なりの見解です。
実際、私は”What The Hell”の曲しか知りません。しかし、彼女が日本で、世界で更に有名、人気になることを望んでいます。何故なら、彼女の歌が、人々を元気付けてくれると信じているからです。そして彼女のファッションはとても魅力的です。ファッション界のリーダーにもなるでしょう。以上のことから、私は彼女の活躍に期待しています。

-Ayane“What The Hell” Now, this song is very popular in Japan. The singer is Avril Lavigne. She is from Canada, and she is 25 years old. Many Japanese like this song and her. Do you know why? Here are my opinions.

First, she came to Japan at least 25 times. And many young Japanese feel attracted to her fashion, then. Her fashion is very cool, but she is not tall as well as Japanese, so we feel her very closely. Secondly, most of her songs are upbeat music. Her positive lyrics make us happy.

Actually, “What The Hell” is only song that I know. But I hope that she will be more famous and popular in Japan and the world, because I think her song will be able to cheer people up. And her fresh fashion is very attractive. I think she will be a leader in the fashion world. So I expect many activities of her.