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節電の為のポイントThe point to save on electricity

Saving Electricity
Saving Electricity


節電のポイントは、下にあるように全部で7つあります。最も重要なことは、これらの努力を毎日続けることです。それぞれが これらのことをする必要があります。このウェブサイトによると、早寝早起きをすることも、節電の為の1つの事例になるようです。なぜなら、わたしたちは夜にたくさんの電力を必要とするからです。わたしは早寝早起きをしようと思います!


  • 1:こまめにスイッチオフ
  • 2:待機電力を削減
  • 3:エアコンで節電
  • 4:冷蔵庫で節電
  • 5:照明で節電
  • 6:テレビで節電
  • 7:生活スタイルを見直す

-by Saori

Saving Electricity
Saving Electricity

One and a half months passed since a strong earthquake was happened. There are still many people live in the severe situation. A planned blackout was over recently, but the devastated area still needs much electric power.  So I checked the point to save on electricity from the Internet.

There are 7points in all. The most important thing is that we continue with these efforts every day. Each person have to try to do them. According to this web site, getting up early and going to bed is one thing to save on electricity. Because we often use much electric power at night. I think that I try to do it!

☆7 points

  • 1: Switching off with frequency
  • 2: Reduce the wait electricity
  • 3: Save on electricity by a air conditioner
  • 4: Save on electricity by a refrigerator
  • 5: Save on electricity by the lights
  • 6: Save on electricity by television
  • 7: Look style of life over again

-by Saori