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日本の物まねアーティスト、青木隆治Japanese mimic artist, Ryuji Aoki

日本では最近、青木隆治という物まねアーティストがとても人気があり、しばしばテレビに出演しています。彼の素晴らしいパフォーマンスは人々を惹きつけます。彼の物まねを初めて見た人たちは驚いたことでしょう。もし未だに彼を見たことが無いなら、是非見るべきです。See his blog.



-by MutsumiIn Japan, a mimic artist Ryuji Aoki is very popular recently, and we often see him on TV. His great performance attracts people. Many people who saw his imitation first must had been surprised. If you never see him, you should see his performance. See his blog.

He is also around as a singer because he is very good at singing. He has a voice with a wide range, so he imitates not only men but also women. For example, Hibari Misora, Yumi Matsutoya, Mika Nakashima and so on. He has about 100 kinds of imitation. You can watch his performance on the Internet. Please check it right away!


-by Mutsumi