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Another Tool: Google ReaderAnother Tool: Google Reader

[OK]をするので、RSSが何であるかを知っています。今あなたが好きブログからすべてのサブスクリプションを収集する場所が必要です。私の好きな場所は、Google Readerです。



注:多くの他の読者がいますが、Google Readerが最も簡単な使用して検索する。それは無料です。私はGoogleツールの多くを使用して、iGoogleの、明日のポストと呼ばれる別のツールを使ってそれらをまとめる。

OK, so you know what RSS is. Now you need a place to collect all those subscriptions from blogs that you like. My favorite place is Google Reader.

If you go to Google home page, and sign up for an account, you will have access to the free reader. It is in the top menu.

You add RSS feeds to the Reader with the button at the top left. Once you add 5 or 10 blogs, you will get many messages each day. You don’t have to read most of them only the ones interesting to you. Instead of going out to web sites each day, messages that are interesting to you come to your reader automatically. This saves you time.

Note: There are many other readers, but I find Google Reader easiest to use, and it is free. I use a lot of Google Tools and put them together with another tool called iGoogle, tomorrow’s Post.