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紙の辞書は時代遅れですPaper dictionaries are old fashioned


これは、TEDの話です。 TEDはテクノロジーエンターテインメントとデザインの略です。これはインターネット上であなたにトピックについて考える機会を与える、素晴らしいビデオを探す最高の場です。このように。クリックしてください。

Erin McKean is a lexicographer. She studies words. She is also very funny. She writes dictionaries. She says that old fashioned paper dictionaries don’t work very well. They need some help from computers, and from people, to make the dictionaries come alive.

This is a TED talk. TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design. It is one of the best places on the Internet to look for great videos about topics that will make you think. Like this one. Click below.