Rina Goes to Halifax

Rina did the SAF program and went to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia means New Scotland in Latin. Halifax is in Canada, and it is like a new Scotland. She tells us about her family, her school, and the interesting things she did in Canada when she was there. Please take a look!


Rina goes to Halifax from TokyoKevin on Vimeo.

3.11 Yahoo Donation

imageYahoo donated 10 yen if one person searches the Tohoku great earthquake on March 11th. They did this not to make people forget and they donated all money to Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Initiatives Foundation. Three years have passed since the earthquake happened, people are getting forgotten, even though the Tohoku area haven’t recovered. So, I think what Yahoo had done was great.  We shouldn’t forget people live in Tohoku area are still suffering and they need our help.

All trade is not fair in the world

fairTradeLogoDo you know “Fairtrade?” Fairtrade offers producers a better deal, and allows them the opportunity to improve their lives and plan for their future. Actually, farmers and workers don’t always get a fair share of the benefits of trade. You can buy Fairtrade goods online or Fairtrade shops in Japan which sell Fairtrade goods. There are famous Fairtrade good like chocolate, coffee and handicrafts. These are not cheap, but all goods are really good quality. If you are interested in Fairtrade, let’s check it on the Internet!

Student Interview: Ayaka: New York Internship

Atsuko interviews Ayaka
Atsuko interviews Ayaka



Ayaka, a student in ELC Department talks about her internship. She is a BLIP student (studied 18 months on our Boston campus) and took part in internship in NY in October 2012. She worked at an NPO for about one week. She had great experiences in NY. Listen up, as the NPO was about musicals.

東北へ行こう!Let’s go to Tohoku!

JR East
JR East
JR East
JR East
JR-East (East Japan Railway Company) is now selling “Tickets of One- Way Non-reserved Seat of Yamabiko” from May 14th to June 13th. The tickets allows passengers who use Shinkansen, “Yamabiko” from every station in Iwate and in Miyagi to Tokyo to pay a half fare. For instance, it costs 6500 yen from Morioka Station to Tokyo, and it costs 5000 yen from Sendai to Tokyo.

JR-East planned this with all the company’s thanks for people who participate in volunteer for the earthquake disaster. In addition JR-East is selling “JR-East Pass” which passengers can use JR-East transportation as many as they like during a day, and you can use the pass from May 11th to 20th, and from July 9th to 18th.

So, it’s time to participate in some volunteer activities in Tohoku. Even only you just go to Tohoku, it connects revitalization of Tohoku economy!

中国と日本の架け橋Fashion Model Intermediary between Japan and China

Eri Sakamoto, International Model
Eri Sakamoto, International Model
英語コミュニケーションを学ぶ人の中には、彼女のような日本と外国の架け橋になりたいと思う人もいるかもしれない。咲元エリさんは、現在ファッションモデルとして中国で活躍している。彼女は青山学院大学大学院で国際コミュニケーション学を専攻した。学業の傍ら、モデルとしても活躍していた咲元さんは、中国最大のファッションモデルコンテストに日本人代表として出場する。入賞はできなかったものの、NHK番組の「TOKYO 可愛いTV」では、コンテスト出場にあったての彼女の苦悩や功績を取り上げた。「今後も中国と日本に関わることができることをしたい」という彼女の言葉には勇気づけられるものがある。
Eri Sakamoto, International Model
Eri Sakamoto, International Model
Some of you who are studying English and communication would like to be a person who promotes the relationship between Japan and foreign countries like her. Eri Sakimoto works as a fashion model in China now. She specialized in international communication in Aoyama Gakuin graduate school. While studying, Eri Sakimoto who has been working successfully as a fashion model decided to take part in a biggest fashion contest all over in China as a representative from Japan. One of NHK program, Tokyo Kawaii TV, featured on her distress and accomplishments in the contest although she couldn’t win the contest. You must be encouraged by her achievement and word “I would like to do something related to China and Japan in the future.”

東日本大震災についてAbout a big earthquake that happened in Tohoku



-by YurinaI talk about a big earthquake that happened in Tohoku on March, 11.  I was in my grandparents’ house when the earthquake happened.  I watched TV and I saw daring video on TV.  I saw black tsunami.  It swallowed a town.  I was shocked.  Then, a lot of people started to buy a lot of daily necessities and foods in supermarket.  A lot of things in supermarket came short.  There was not water in supermarket.  It was very hard to get water.

Lately, situation is getting well, but there are a lot of people who lost houses and families in Tohoku.  There are not enough foods, clothes, blankets, and so on.  Then, Japanese have to reconsider their life.  We think it’s natural that we have electricity, gas, and water supply.  However, it’s not natural. Then, saving is very important now.  I don’t buy things that I don’t need now.  I buy things that I need in my life.  I don’t buy a lot of foods, clothes, shoes, and bags.  Japanese should save a lot of things.

Finally, a lot of people were hurt by the big earthquake.  I felt nature is scary.  I thought people should care about nature.  Japanese have to cooperate now.  I believe Japanese can get over.  I continue to save in many situations.
-by Yurina

貪欲であれ。そして馬鹿であれ。Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

スティーブジョブスという人を知っていますか? スティーブはApple社とPixar社のCEOをやっている人です。 20歳の時彼は実家のガレージの中でApple社を立ち上げました。Apple社は有名となり20億もの資産と4000人もの社員を抱える大企業となりました。
しかし30歳のときに社員たちによって彼は解雇されてしまいます。 その後彼はPixar社を立ち上げて、2000年には再びApple社に戻り、CEOとなりました。

―未来に先回りして点と点をつなげることはできない。君たちが出来るのは過去を振り返ってつなげることだけなんだ。だから点と点がいつか何らかの形でつながると信じなければならない。-by Momoko

Do you know Steve Jobs? He is the CEO of Apple Inc. and Pixar Animation Studio.
He started Apple in his parents’ garage when he was 20 years old and the company had grown into a $2 billion company with 4000 employees. However he was fired by his employees when he was 30. After that he established Pixar and he produced ‘Toy Story’. In 2000, He backed Apple Inc. and has become CEO of Apple Inc.
Last Thursday, I had a chance to listen to his speech in my class.
When I listened his speech I was really impressed. Then I choose his speech as my first blog theme.
Finally he said many good words in the speech but I choose some words that my favorites. -by Momoko

-Stay hungry. Stay foolish.
-you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something.

国際社会で活躍する女性Noriko Hino: Volunteer Leader

Noriko Hino
Noriko Hino


-by Mutsumi




Noriko Hino
Noriko Hino

Do you have any role models whom you respect for his or her successful career or impressive policy? Noriko Hino decided to found “NY de Volunteer” in 2002 to encourage the activities of contribution to the society and of international mutual understanding after she experienced some jobs. Although she used to have a wish to become a good housewife like her mother, she changed her mind because she knows that her mother has actually wanted to live not only for her family, as a good housewife, but also for herself. I admire her for her policy -A goal is not you wish but you pursue. On the HP of iSeeNY, you can see many women who succeeded in foreign countries. Why don’t you glance over it?

-by Mutsumi