Everyone in Japan is gay

Here is a very interesting graphic I found in Mother Jones magazine.

from Mother Jones magazine
from Mother Jones magazine

It is a very good lesson to show clearly that “correlation does not imply causation”. Correlation means that two (or three or more) things happen at the same time. When it gets hot, people stop wearing sweaters. But the common mistake is that people think that one thing causes the other. In our case of temperature, that may be the case. But in many other cases, such as hating sushi and hating gays, some might even say that gay people like sushi, or even that eating raw fish causes people to be gay. But none of that is true. It just happens that people who won’t try sushi also do not accept gay marriage.

Learnist: Diet Soda is bad for you

Learnist is a wonderful website. It is like the “Facebook of Learning” where in stead of posting what you ate for breakfast, you post what you found that is interesting in your research. I highly recommend visiting Learnist just for fun, but also for when you need information that is better than a seach engine, because other people have looked at it before.

For example, what about Diet Soda? I always thought it was healthier than regular soda, because it has less sugar. But it seems to have a relationship to problems with your kidneys (腎臓), and with obesity, and with hangovers when you mix it with alcohol. Find all of these articles here, assembled by someone named Michel Ochoa. Thank you Michele.


Talent goes viral

These girls have a lot of talent. Someone (probably a relative) decided to record them. The video has become tremendously popular. We say, “the video has gone viral.” Which means that, like a virus, it is spreading very rapidly from person to person.

Lennon and Maisy are using margarine containers as drums.

英コミhas a couple of microphones like this, and a good video camera. All we need are a couple of students. Do you have a special talent that might go viral?


First seen at the Daily Dish.

貪欲であれ。そして馬鹿であれ。Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

スティーブジョブスという人を知っていますか? スティーブはApple社とPixar社のCEOをやっている人です。 20歳の時彼は実家のガレージの中でApple社を立ち上げました。Apple社は有名となり20億もの資産と4000人もの社員を抱える大企業となりました。
しかし30歳のときに社員たちによって彼は解雇されてしまいます。 その後彼はPixar社を立ち上げて、2000年には再びApple社に戻り、CEOとなりました。

―未来に先回りして点と点をつなげることはできない。君たちが出来るのは過去を振り返ってつなげることだけなんだ。だから点と点がいつか何らかの形でつながると信じなければならない。-by Momoko

Do you know Steve Jobs? He is the CEO of Apple Inc. and Pixar Animation Studio.
He started Apple in his parents’ garage when he was 20 years old and the company had grown into a $2 billion company with 4000 employees. However he was fired by his employees when he was 30. After that he established Pixar and he produced ‘Toy Story’. In 2000, He backed Apple Inc. and has become CEO of Apple Inc.
Last Thursday, I had a chance to listen to his speech in my class.
When I listened his speech I was really impressed. Then I choose his speech as my first blog theme.
Finally he said many good words in the speech but I choose some words that my favorites. -by Momoko

-Stay hungry. Stay foolish.
-you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something.

Flash Forward: 信じられないけど、見たくてたまらない!Flash Forward: It’s unbelievable but you can’t stop watching!




-by Maki M.Are you looking for any American dramas? If so, I’m going to recommend you one American drama called “Flash Forward”.  It is the story that all people in the world lost consciousness in two minutes seven teen seconds at the same time. While it’s happening, everyone is seeing the half-year-later future.

The background is in L.A. During one FBI guy is chasing a criminal, he fall in Flash Forward.  He tries to share about it with his wife, and so does she.  But they both can’t make it happen.  So will they just follow the future? Or will they try to change the future?  You won’t stop watching it!!

-by Maki M.

アメリカで大人気のドラマ「glee」を見たことがありますか?Have you ever watched the most famous TV drama in U.S.A “Glee”?

「glee」とは、アメリカの高校の合唱部が舞台で、廃部寸前の合唱部にやってきた新米教師が生徒達の歌やダンスの才能を開花させ、部を立て直す物語。合唱部というとコーラスのイメージがあるが、gleeでは歌って踊るパフォーマンススタイル。キャストはブロードウェイ出身の人が多く、実際に劇中で歌っているので、パフォーマンス度も非常に高い。見ているだけで、一緒に歌って踊りたくなる!日本ではBSプレミアムFox チャンネルでの放送、TSUTAYAでレンタルも開始している。ボストンで見ていた人も日本で続きを見よう!

-by Rina“Glee” is a story of glee club in American high school and a new teacher who became an advisor of glee club which was on the verge of stopping their activity  develops singing and dancing talent of the students.   We tend to imagine glee club like a chorus, but “glee” is a performance style like singing and dancing.

Because many casts are from Broadway Musical and they are actually singing and dancing in “glee”, their performance quality is so high.  As you watch it, you will want to sing the songs and dance together.  In Japan, it is telecasted with BS premium and Fox channel and we can rent videos at TSUTAYA.  The person who watched in Boston can continue to watch it in Japan.

-by Rina

映画を見に行こう!Gulliver’s Travels at the movies

Gulliver is tied down
Gulliver is tied down

みなさんガリバー旅行記という本を知っていると思います。この本はジョナサン・スウィフトが書いた世界でも有名な本です。この物語を覚えていますか? 多くの人達が忘れてしまったかすべての物語を知らないと思います。もしそうならば、映画館に行ってみてはいかがですか? 今ならガリバー旅行記の映画を見ることができます。

-by Miku

Gulliver is tied down
Gulliver is tied down

I think everyone knows the book which is Gulliver’s travel. It was written by Jonathan Swift and it is famous book in the world. Do you remember this story? I think many people forget or don’t know this whole story. If so, why don’t you go to a theater? You can see this movie now.

This movie was made by same staff of Night Museum. It is also funny movie, so it must be funny, too. In this movie, main character goes to different dimension from the present day. Original story is old style but it is remade as a modern version. For example, he uses iPhone. If you are interested in it or you have a time, I recommend seeing it.

-by Miku

Student Tools: ポッドキャストStudent Tools: Podcast


-Yurika, first-year student

SL2Byurikapodcast from TokyoKevin on Vimeo.

“Podcast” is a series of audio or video files that are released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication. There are many kinds of files, such as news program, radio program, English conversation, and so on. Almost all files are free! Let’s download iTunes!

Yurika, first-year student

SL2Byurikapodcast from TokyoKevin on Vimeo.

火曜日はツールの日: YouTubeTuesday is for Tools: YouTube



YouTube is a wonderful source of many kinds of videos. You can search and find almost anything instantly. You can also upload your videos to YouTube so other people can see them. You can also save your favorite YouTube videos and share them with friends. You can find videos from concerts at Hitomi Memorial Hall

Note: These tools are part of a list created by Jane Hart.

学生のストーリー:占い師Student Stories: The Fortune Teller


201010LondonStoryFortuneTeller from TokyoKevin on Vimeo.

Fortune tellers say they can see the future. One of our students went to a fortune teller, and got good news. But has it happened yet? No. Then again, this could happen at any time. Do you believe in fortune telling? What kinds? Cards? Crystal balls? Tea leaves? Palm reading?

201010LondonStoryFortuneTeller from TokyoKevin on Vimeo.

Marie goes to a fortune teller.