Pocket tissue

Do you know that “pocket tissue” was made in Japan? Tissues was made is America but pocket tissue was made in Japan. Japanese people use the pocket tissue to advertise. You can see a lot of people who distribute the pocket tissue in the road. You can get the pocket tissue easily. This sight is peculiar to Japan.

pocket tissue


Take a nap

take a napRecently, some companies admit that workers to sleep on their’s job. The aim of this trend is improvement of efficiency. When workers sleepiness they can sleep. Some schools already have been adopting this trend. Also there is a cafe where we can sleep in bed. Almost people don’t sleep enough time in Japan, especially labor so I think this movement is good idea.http://matome.naver.jp/m/odai/2133404485041778801

Tea ceremony

Tea ceremony is called Sado in Japan. Sado is an act to treat green tea to caller. Sennorikyu established Sado in the Aduchimomoyama. Era. It took ten years to establish it. Tea ceremony has many kinds. One is “Omotesenke”. It is the originator of tea ceremony. the other is “Urasenke”. Another is “Mushanokoji”. Urasenke is more gorgeous than others.

They have a green tea in tea ceremony. It called “maccha” in Japan. Maccha is a kind of green tea ceremony, they sit erect with their legs folded under theirs. After they eat Japanese cake, they drink “Maccha”. Because they feel refreshed drinking bitter “Maccha” after they eat sweet Japanese cake. 茶道は千利休が作った日本の伝統文化である。



I went to The STUDIO GHIBLI MUSEUM on this weekend with my friends.
The museum is located in Mitaka, and it is one of my favorite museums in Japan.
Actually, I have been there more than 3 times but still my favorite place!
In the museum, you can see a lot of beautiful GHIBLI things.
The building which is covered with ivy is amazing.
And there is a small movie theater, so you can watch Ghibli’s short movie. It is about 15 minutes long.
Also there is an iron robot solder from Ghibli’s film “Castle in the Sky” on the top of the building.
Of course you can get buy some Souvenirs at the Ghibli Museum Gift Shop.
If you like Ghibli’s film and you have never been to the museum, I strongly recommend you go there. photo2

Flowering tea in China.

Having a cup of tea on a couch is one of the great pleasures when the weather is cold. We can enjoy a hundred of thousand of types of tea recently and we can also enjoy blending as you like.

If you want to make your tea time more enjoyable, you should try this Chinese flowering tea. It’s traditional tea in China and popular among visitors to China as a souvenir. First you put one balled flowering tea in a teapot and gently pour hot water into it. The best is pouring hot water little by little several time. A few minute later you can see a flower in a teapot.  If you want to see the process visually, check this video out.


It is maybe well-known that soccer World Cup will be held in 2014. Then there was a final draw on December 6th in Brazil.

Since FIFA rank of Japanese is not so high, it is quite abvious that most of the teams will be good rivals. As a result of the final draw, Japan is in the C group which is the same one with Cote d’Ivoire, Greece and Colombia. We cannot be relived inspite of the fact that there is not Europian strong teams like Spain, Germany and so forth. As we see the FIFA rank, absolutely Japan is the lowest team in this group. Even though the FIFA rank doesn’t equally means the level of those teams, it is still true that Japan is in relatively hard situation.

But I would say we are quite ok because I saw the news of a player. Keisuke Honda who is a player of the CSKA Moscow will be transferred to the AC milan which is a very popular team in Italy. After He start to play in the AC milan, I guess his condition will be highly good thanks to the great situation and environment. So Keisuke Honda who is one of most active players in Japanese National Team will surely lead us better result than the last World Cup.



Cara Delvingne

blog2-4 caraCara Delvingne is the one of famous women models. She was born in 1992. She is 21 years old. She is an English fashion model. In 2011, she was featured in Burberry’s spring/summer 2011 campaign. Later, Cara became the face of Burberry’s spring/summer 2012 campaign. Now, she appears a lot of fashion magazines. And also she appeared at 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She is a top model of the world, but she is nice and friendly. When she takes private photos, she makes funny face on her face a lot. Her fashion style is getting attention to people concerned on fashion. She is also famous in japan. Recently, she showed in japanese girl’s fashion commercial “LA BOO”. We can’t take our eyes off Cara Delvingne!!

Russian Men


A surprising news that I would like to share with you all!

Did you know many of the Russian men die quite early? It was new to me.

Quarter of Russian men die before 55. Especially from the Japanese point of view, that is totally too young to die since Japan isknown as the country which has the longest life span avarage record, right? 79 is the average life span of the Japanese men. Even though Japanese men live shorter than women, the average is still longer than Russian.

More amazing thing is the reason of their short life. Can you imagine? According to the investigation done by Oxford University and other, it is mostly because of the reasons related to alcohol. For instance, alcoholism, accident, violence or suiside comes from alcohol so on and so forth. Even drinking too much vodka is one of the serious reasons. It is so serious that more than half of them couldn’t complete the investigation because they died during the investigation.

I’m not a heavy drinker at all though I want to be carefull about the amount of the alcohol and live longer as much as I can stay healthy.


Enjoy Job Hunting in your way!

Companies officially start recruiting in December. You will soon see many young people in black suits walking around the city. Currently, the situation of job hunting in Japan has been severe. According to this article, one in five student  even contemplates suicide during Job Hunting in Japan! However, several business magazine said that this situation will gradually change for better in this year. Thank,God!

Kakehashi Skysolutions is a company that provides unique business event.It has a website called “meatball” and it gives you an information about companies you might be interested in. It has for example, ballroom dance application for employment. If you have more than three years experience of it, you can send the application form and you will be able to get useful information about your potential work places.

If you like it, check it out. I’m willing to share it with every student worrying about job hunting. Good luck for us!

Ghibli’s new movie

03-560x600Do you like Ghibli movies? Ghibli’s new movie “Kaguyahime no Monogatari” was shown November 23th. The director is Isao Takahata who is one of the famous animation movie directors in Japan. It is the first time for him to make movie in 14 years. The story of Kaguyahime is really famous for Japanese, but Takahata tried to show the true story about Kaguyahime that was hided.

Why don’t you go to watch this movie and know secret of Kaguyahime?