Tool 7: Feedly フィードリーダー

Tool of the Week: Feedly





Feedly is online software to organize your reading of blogs. Blogs are one of the best ways to keep up on recent information on the internet. The best ones are well organized and informative. Feedly helps you organize your blogs and make one easy place to read them all.

Starting out, you find a few blogs you like, and add them to your list (or feed). Each day, Feedly collects new articles from those blogs. I read about 35 blogs, and each day I might have 20-30 articles. Feedly makes it easy for me to choose the best ones to read. Feedly is just one rssリーダー, there are many more to choose from, but Feedly is the best. 説明書.

After a while, you choose the blogs that are more interesting, and Feedly sends you the best stuff on the internet. Here, you can see part of my feed, which has articles about general news and opinions, then my specialty, Educational Technology, or edtech.

Yours will look different.



OLN Tool 6: Quizlet website

Tool of the Week: Quizlet




High school students in Silicon Valley near San Francisco are some of the most advanced computer users because many of their parents work in the computer industry, so they know how to study. Many of them use Quizlet to remember things. You can too.

Quizlet works like electronic flip cards, like the ones you used to test yourself in Junior High. But it does SO MUCH more. It can find translations for you to make your own cards, and you can share your card sets with your friends. There are thousands of sets already done for you to test yourself for TOEIC, or any other test. But I find making my own lists helps me remember best.

Quizlet monitors what you remember and what you don’t and asks you just at the right time to make your learning the best. Try it. You will like it. Here is a quiz about a Youtube video on Prison Food, which I made in less than 2 minutes.


OLN Tool: Elsa Speaks: Smart pronunciation software

Tool of the Week: Elsa Speak for Pronunciation





The biggest reason people don’t understand you is because of your pronunciation. Japanese speakers have good grammar and can make good sentences in English, but many have problems with pronunciation.

Studying pronunciation used to be really boring. You listen and repeat, listen and repeat. With Elsa Speak, you get feedback immediately and you can improve with each time you say something. Use Elsa Speak on your phone, it works like a game, and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) can understand your mistakes and learns how to help you best. A great tutor, any time and any place, and it’s free.

OLN Tool: Copy and Paste

Tool of the Week: Copy and Paste




Two things I learned in high school:

  • My most used skill: keyboarding
  • The goal in writing elegant software is “never write anything twice”.

You have used copy and paste, or cut and paste, I am sure. Most people use the menus. But when you find yourself typing the same thing again and again, a quick way to copy and paste is to use keyboard shortcuts. This is a combination of keys to do the same thing as a menu. Highlight some text on your screen. Which is faster?

  • Take your hand off the keyboard, reach for the mouse, move the pointer to the EDIT menu, select COPY, return your hand to the keyboard.
  • Hold CTRL (control) and push “C” key.

Using keyboard combinations to avoid mouse/menu interactions has saved me countless hours. CTRL+C and then CTRL+V to paste is the simplest, most useful keyboard combination. (On Apple computers, use the COMMAND instead of the CTRL.) The easiest way to learn the others (and there are many others) is to notice the edit menu. Here, we have the edit menu in PowerPoint.

The CTRL+A, for example, is great for selecting all the text in a document.

Once you start using CTRL+ combinations, you will find another pair that work really well, CTRL+F and CTRL+H to find and replace words or phrases in a document. If you like video, watch this 2-minute tutorial.


OLN Tool: YouGlish for pronunciation

Tool of the Week: YouGlish




This tool will help you with the hardest part of pronunciation: hearing the sounds. Use to listen to words or phrases pronounced in many different YouTube videos. YouGlish (youEnGlish) scans all the YouTube videos and finds your word in many videos. You can listen to video after video, and YouGlish finds the exact place in each video where the word is spoken. You can select an accent, and a speed for listening. After you finish listening, you can follow suggestions for practicing. Here, I am listening to my 13th video with the word Coffee in it, and there are more than 6,000 more. I just click on that green forward button. Many more options like a daily lesson. Enjoy!


OLN Tool News: Google Translate

Tool of the Week:




Each week, we bring a tool for you to use for language learning. This week is a great tool to help you on the internet. Google Translate can translate any word, sentence or web page on your browser. Use Chrome browser, it is much better than Explorer.  Go to

Copy and paste any word or sentence to get a translation. It is not perfect yet, but it is getting much better every year. A great way to see the main idea of a letter or article. (日本語)

And you can make it even easier to use if you add it to your browser as an extension.

The cool body treat

imageNowadays it is very hot weather. And you sweat a lot. Leaving sweat is stickiness and uncomfortable.

THE BODY SHOP has produced Sorbet because they are literally cool! It’s marketed as skin products that are perfect for summer to quench your skin from the heat. You have to keep it in a refrigerator. If you buy and use it, you can spend cool summer!!


3rd Cleanser for washing clothes

imageNowadays Japanese people absolutely use a washing machine. When you use it, what item do you need? Yes, cleanser. There are 2 types of cleansers, powder type and liquid form.

Recently P&G invented a new cleanser. It isn’t powder type or liquid form, but gel ball. It doesn’t need to measure. And the cleanser is contained ball, so your hands don’t get dirty! Are you interested in gel ball cleanser? Let’s try comparing gel ball and other cleanser.



無題Nowadays some people like to film videos in thier daily life.  There is the best video-sharing app called Vine.  It is kind of similar to Instagram. But it’s not just any video-sharing app. It’s designed in a way for you to film short, separate instances so they can be linked together for a total of six seconds. Also you can put some effects. What the best point of using Vine is that you can share the videos on social networks easily. There is a chance that you could be a famous Viner! haha