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Is she maleficent??


I am going to talk about Akemi Darenogare. Akemi Darenogare who is a model and tarent changed as a maleficent. She was born in Brazil and she moved to Japan when she was 1 year old. This movie showed on July 5th. Angelina Jolie is broadcasted as a main character. She opened to the public on her Twitter. Her fans were surprised because she is like a real maleficent!! Stubasa masuwaka who is a model and tarent helped her to change.  Akemi and Stubasa are good friends. Stubasa used her cosmetics that was produced by her to change Akemi’s face. When I saw this picture, I was really surprised.



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9093884Koushien is one of the big events of baseball for Japanese high school students. They play a game to be the top of high school. This match is held in every spring and summer but main is summer because senior students will retire. They practiced every day for this match. 47 prefecture’s champions will play a match at Koushien. To go to Koushienn, play with team members and be a winner are their drems. I want to go and watch the game once!! If you like baseball, you should check it out.


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The World Cup Is Over

ワールドカップ 開会式

I am going to talk about World Cup. The World Cup is over.
Germany won the championship at this games.
ジャパン ワールド
I saw the nearly games at  my house or sometimes went to sports bar. Japan missed advance to the knockout-stage.
I was shocked. However, I was so impressed. Because of that, they are tied firmly bond of Japan team. Nagatomo dropped tears at press conference. We knew he entrapped his all for this World Cup, When I watched his press conference.  Also, I enjoyed watching the supporters of all the countries. I could see cultures of each country. I stayed up late for a few weeks. However, I really enjoyed world cup this year. I am looking forward next world cup.
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poster2Maleficent” is a commemoration work of the 90th anniversary of the founding of Walt Disney.”Maleficent” is a heroine of this movie and she is the evil fairy who put a curse on Princess Aurora in “Sleeping Beauty”. This is a dark fantasy and story of the ultimate love that gave birth to the curse of the “eternal sleep”. Angelina Jolie who is world famous actress plays the heroine.

If you watch this movie, you can know that her enigmatic past and the reason why did she put the curse of eternal sleep on Princess Aurora.

邪悪な妖精マレフィセントはなぜ“永遠の眠り”の呪いをかけたのか、すべての理由が今解き明かされる。 - 究極の愛の物語

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Soccer World Cup

German defeated Argentina in finals of Soccer World Cup. Both of countries didn’t get any points until overtime. In overtime, German got 1 point and won the championship. It had been six times since German won, and this time was the championship of forth times. When eighサッカーワールドカップt minutes passed, Getze who appeared on the way made a goal in overtime. Coach said ”I am proud of all of players.

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When Marnie Was There

STUDIO GHIBLI made new movie.


” When Marnie Was There”.
They are going to release on July 19.

Anna was said “She is enervation.” by adopted act parent and she didn’t have any friends.
She suffers from asthma, so she had to move a town close to sea.
One day, she found the old house. She make a friend who lived there. Her name is Marnie, but nobody knew her.

This editor made “A Borrower Arrietty”.
You will enjoy watching “When Marnie Was There” like “A Borrower Arrietty”.

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New icecream

Have you already eaten it?


Haagen-Dazs started to sell mini-cup spoon vege “Tomato and Cherry” and “Carrot and Orange” from May 12. These are unprecedented vegetable ice creams of creative which can taste a richly sweet flavor and acid taste of vegetables.


I tried to eat “Tomato and Cherry”. It was very good for me.

This is the best ice cream for people who like tomatoes.


By all means, please try that!




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Japanese TV program “SASUKE”

SASUKEThis TV program started in 1997. Participants in the TV program try to clear each game. There are four athletic games, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and final stage. Participants have to clear many obstacles. Almost participants are trying to clear all games. “SASUKE” is televised in many countries. “SASUKE” is held in the United State. “SASUKE” will televise in July 3. This TV program is very popular in Japan. Check it out!!

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“Let It Go” Phenomenon

2_168183Do you know “Frozen”? I think most people know it.

This is Disney movie and it is popular with the wide age group between children and adults, and then it recorded a big hit of anomaly. The story is at once interesting and moving. However, the charm of this movie is not only nice stories and cute characters but also especially music.

Let It Go” is one of the theme song of Frozen. People who sing “Let It Go” has appeared one after another and “Let It Go” Phenomenon has been happening in Japan now. If you have never listened it, I recommend you to listen it soon!!!!!




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FIFA World Cup in Brazil

imagesCA61966OFinally, the FIFA World Cup kicked off in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on June 13th. (Japan time) In the opening game, Brazil team faced the Croatia team. Brazil team completely won a victory in this game because Neymar who wearing uniform number 10 was active.

Japan is belonging to Group C, and the opponent countries are Cote d’Ivoire, Greece and Colombia. All teams are powerful enemies very much for Japan team because they ranks higher in FIFA than Japan. However, Japan team is superior to other teams in teamwork and offensive ability. Therefore, I think there is a good possibility that Japan team wins other teams, and Japan will advance to the finals tournament.

I’m looking forward to watching their game. They would show supporter of Japan the heated games. I can’t take my eyes off the FIFA World Cup. Let’s cheer Japan team together!!!!!