Finally Facebook is becoming popular in Japan. Some Japanese people have been using it for a couple of years but some people just have stared.  What I want to say today is: “Be careful how you use Facebook!” Those who don’t know how to use Facebook are in danger.  Their status is totally public.  Their photos, status, and even their phone  number and address are public.  Even If I’m not their friend, I can see their information.  That is so dangerous.  I’m really happy that many people in Japan started having Facebook but I want them to know how to customize it.  Many of them don’t even know that their information is public…and I am stalking them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!muhahahhahahah (evil laugh)

Let’s go to Boston!

Finally there is going to be a direct flight from Tokyo Narita to Boston. The service will start on April 22nd 2012. Yeah!!!! As everyone who has flown to Boston knows, you often have to make a change at New York or Chicago. If you travel there from Japan you always arrive in the evening or at night. However, from now on people will be able to enjoy Boston from the daytime. The city now feels closer to Japan than ever before!  I previously spent a year in Boston as an exchange student so I’m really happy about this news.


By SWU Rocks

 By SWU Rocks

Ice cream addiction!

I heard that Ben and Jerry’s have launched in Tokyo. When I lived in Boston I used to go there a lot. The company is said to be the most popular ice cream franchise in the United States. Actually Ben&Jerry’s were in Japan before, but they weren’t successful. Now I am back in Japan, so when I want to eat ice cream I often go to Cold Stone or Baskin Robbins. I think Baskin is the most famous in Japan. Which do you like the best?! p.s oops I forgot about Häagen-Dazs! 🙂


By SWU Rocks


I really wanted to go to Hawaii during this Golden Week, but i watched this film,The Descendants instead.

At the end, that made me think I really want to go there.  This movie is about how much love makes people to be complicated..and being in pain brings people closer together.  I really want you to see it with someone important to you .

Baby using ipad

Generation changed!look at this You Tube.

Apple products have changed our life and future.  When I got an Ipad, I was just amazed at how useful it was.

Since then, I am addicted to using an ipad and iphone too .   I think I’m not the only one with this problem. I open my Facebook every hour, check my twitter every ten minutes, text my friends every few minutes….Like I live on the internet.
This clip tells more about the child.  Imagine that if you had an iphone or ipad when you were little, what would happen to you?  You would only live on the internet without knowing real life, including communication.  Well, I am not blaming outside influences.  Steve Jobs didn’t give the child an ipad, the parents did.  I just want to say parents have responsibilities to educate kids.  I just don’t want to kids to be people who are addicted to an iphone and carry it with them even when they go to the toilet, like me.

Apes will rule the world?!

Read this article.

I want to have  apes as a pet and give him an iPad.

I don’t know the difference between chimpanzees and gorillas because they look similar, but apes are actually the smartest animal in the world.  I guess they just don’t know how to use their intelligence yet. However if they get more intelligent, apes could beat human beings because they are more powerful and bigger than us.  I think  apes will rule the world because they are so smart.

Have you seen “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”?  After watching this, I felt scared of the power of apes.

You might have known how powerful and smart apes are.  Well, now is the 21st century.  Nothing is impossible.  If Japan can treat and educate apes well, apes can be a weapon for Japan.   apes might be able to protect Japan in the future. Maybe Japan can be the number one country in the world?! lol

 by SWU Rocks


Which animal is popular in your country?

A baby panda was born in a Tokyo zoo last year.  I was so surprised that the newspaper special edition was handed out around Tokyo.  Last time they were handed out was for a famous criminal, but this time is for a panda! lol… Last week, on TV, every newspaper talked about nothing but this panda…  I realized that Japanese people love pandas so much. That is why panda characters are used in many situations like anime or snacks.  The reason pandas are so important to Japanese people is because pandas are so rare here.  I guess there are only four or less in Japan.  So Japanese worship pandas ! Every country has a different popular animal.  Which animal is popular in your country?  Anyway, the mother panda safely delivered a healthy baby.  I hope she takes care of the baby well and the panda baby grows up quickly and healthily!

I love you, panda. Xoxo


Vampire teeth

Japan is so crazy.  I saw the news this morning and that woke me up!

Apparently, vampire teeth are now fashionable in Japan.  These days, vampire teeth are so popular among young Japanese girls.  They are trying to get fake vampire teeth with operations.  The one reason Japanese girls want vampire teeth is because some popular Japanese idols have vampire teeth.  They are actually so pretty but it doesn’t mean girls should try to get plastic vampire teeth on purpose!  Everyone hates vampire teeth in the world because they look like devil.  Vampire teeth are only popular in Japan, I guess.  In Japan, having vampire teeth is thought to look like a cute devil (小悪魔) .  Japanese people don’t think that devils are scary.  When Japan is compared with the US, people in Japan don’t care about how perfect their teeth are as much as Americans.  People in other countries might be not able to understand this but surprisingly some Japanese people think little, ugly teeth are cuter.

インタレスティングJapan :-0

Aeroplanes are safer than cars.

Some people might think that aeroplanes are risky.  I am sure that most of us have thought about aero planes crashing and the high chance of dying if that happens.  I saw the news about a plane crash last week. When planes are involved in crashes, many people are killed at the same moment.  The rate of survival is almost zero. However, aeroplanes are safer than cars.  Traffic accidents occur every day and many people get injured or die. The number of plane crashes is much lower. In fact, plane crashes are so rare that they make the news when they happen. I can’t remember the last time I saw a news story about a car crash. The shock of many people dying at the same time makes people think that flying is risky but don’t forget that cars are dangerous. Never drive after drinking alcohol or when you are sleepy or talking on your mobile phone!

Check In Check In :-O

foursquare_checkinDo you Check In?  Check In is a way of sharing where you are.  Using Foursquare or Facebook, you can check in and tell your friends what you are doing.

Some people want a record of what they were doing at a particular time.  And also you can tag your friends at the place. Using Check In makes your life more memorable and special.

At least in Japan, people love taking photos of food and posting them on social networking sites.  Some of them have more pictures of their food than their faces.