New Enoshima Aquarium

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI went to the New Enoshima Aquarium at the first day of school trip. It was the first time to visit there. I did not have a lot of time to spend in the aquarium, but I enjoyed the show of dolphins and seals. Seals performed their dance. Also, they could clap their fins too. In addition, Dolphins obeyed people and performed perfectly. They can sing and jump beautifully.  I supposed that dolphins seem to be dogs which are raised by humans. In short, I realized that they are more genius than I expected.

As everyone knows, dolphins are mammals like humans. They do not have any languages, but they can talk through Ultrasonic waves. Even though they cannot use “humans’ language, they already can understand human’s body language or some words. So, I think they could understand our language and speak like human someday.

Frozen Yoghurt

Do you like frozen yoghurt? An American frozen yoghurt shop which is called Pinkberry is opened in Odaiba Venus Fort on July 18th. Pinkberry firstly was opened in Los Angeles. It is said Pinkberry is the first trend in frozen yoghurt. Pinkberry serves many kinds of flavors and toppings.  アメリカのフローズンヨーグルトショップ、ピンクベリーが7月18日お台場にオープンする。

Do you like frozen yoghurt? An American frozen yoghurt shop which is called Pinkberry is opened in Odaiba Venus Fort on July 18th. Pinkberry firstly was opened in Los Angeles. It is said Pinkberry is the first trend in frozen yoghurt. Pinkberry serves many kinds of flavors and toppings. アメリカのフローズンヨーグルトショップ、ピンクベリーが7月18日お台場にオープンする。

3rd Cleanser for washing clothes

imageNowadays Japanese people absolutely use a washing machine. When you use it, what item do you need? Yes, cleanser. There are 2 types of cleansers, powder type and liquid form.

Recently P&G invented a new cleanser. It isn’t powder type or liquid form, but gel ball. It doesn’t need to measure. And the cleanser is contained ball, so your hands don’t get dirty! Are you interested in gel ball cleanser? Let’s try comparing gel ball and other cleanser.


Yuzuru Hanyu victory parade in his hometown

DTMANAGE_000000020140427130829944-1The victory parade of Yuzuru Hanyu who won the gold medal in the figure skating boy of the Sochi Olympic was held in Sendai on April 26, 2014. 92,000 people gathered in the place along the route, and it blessed. Sendai, which is his hometown, was damaged by 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Hanyu said ” I’m glad to see many people who gathered the parade. I didn’t think that could have got gold medal four years ago. Please don’t forget about stricken area.”


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Cronut” is made of croissant and the doughnuts sells by the suggestion of Dominique Ansel of the chef whom Dominique Ansel Bakery of United States, New York. After this pastry fries the cloth of a thin layer in grape seed oil, it is carried out with the taste with sugar, and puts stuffing into inside. This is very popular now in there.  And also Japan too!!  If you want to eat Cronut in Japan, I reccomend to go to mister Donut. We can eat that easily and not need to pay much money. This is Dominque Ansel Bakery’s webpage. Please check this out!!



Ramen in New York

usalarmen600_467Ramen noodles are extremely popular now in the United states,New York. It is said that several more shops open in one month. The beggining of the ramen-noodles boom in New York is “Ippudo” which is the shops of  pork bone ramen noodles also famouse in Japan. There was a line of the waiting for 2 hours at the time of opening. When i went to New York, i could see that shop. It was really delisious same as Japan’s ramen.  It is known like a sushi now. It could be said that ramen noodles are observed most in New York.  If you’ll go to New York, I recommend eat Ramen noodles!!



309451832_5c7b91d189Shibuya is one of the most popular tourist spot in Japan, and Shibuya station is known as one of the busiest stations in the world. As we all know, Hachiko (ハチ公) is the symbol of Shibuya, so I’m sure most of you have ever waited for your friends there. Just because Hachiko is a good landmark to wait for someone, sometimes it’s really hard to find them because of too many people. Shibuya Crossing is also famous. It is a big intersection which always crowded with a bunch of people. More than 3000 people walk through the crossing when the lights turn blue. Can you believe it? Whenever I go to Shibuya, I’m so annoyed because of many people but Shibuya is a really good place to go shopping and hang out with friends.

My Study Abroad Destination

CIMG1301University of Washington is one of famous university which is involved in Public Ivy. I studied there for one year and my major in UW was “International Studies” which we can learn about Global Health or International Relathionship between developed and developing countries  especially in Asia. Even though I chose International Studies as my Major, Primary care and Nursing in UW are the best all over the world. Also, this is famous for “Huskies”, because the main character of UW! You can see a lot of huskies around the campus. Also, the color of purple is school color. So, You can see a lot of student who wear purple clothes in the school Events.

Even though studying as a student sounds heard, I really recommend to study there. You can experience what is “real” American university students’ life is.



On the way to school

世界の果ての通学路I read an article about students in Kenyan. They walked two hours from thier house to school on foot every day. They had to walk through a savanna. They could choose a way that they didn’t go to a school because too dangerous. However they went to a school because they wanted to know many things. We think it is natural that we get an education so we can’t realize that we are living in a good environment. I think many university students in Japan are thinking it is normal to go to a school and to get an education. I want them to realize that it is not natural and I want them to change their mind and to study hard more because they are givin a chance to get an education. Also this story was made into a movie so if you interested in this one, you should watch it! The title of this movie is “On the way to school”. Please watch a video!「世界の果ての通学路」/



imageNow, it’s popular to remake “HAPPY” by Pharrell Williams. It’s hard for all of people to think what really happy is. The definition of happiness is totally different depending on people. It could be money, friends, family, hobby, work….. After came back to Japan, I realized how I was being happy to study in other country. The time in U.S is or will be my most important and educational time in my life. To continue such a nice time in Japan is kind of difficult. One of the reasons is I have to do more stuff than I was in U.S, so I can’t spend enough time for my learning.
Why are people learning? I guess study leads us to grow up even though it’s sometimes slow and failed. I don’t believe every effort make successes but at least people only who make efforts can get successes and I think the successes is connected to a happiness.