Newsela 7: Two views of the news


OLN Newsela News: Wednesdays

This week: Two views of the news

What could be better? My favorite Newsela article of the week was about hacking teddy bears. A little kid shows how the Internet of Things (IOT) like refrigerators and cars and toys are dangerous because they can be hacked. The bonus is that you can see him present.

Xreading 7: Words Read vs Total Words

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OLN Xreading News: Tuesdays
This week: Words Read vs Total Words

Please note that in Xreading there are TWO measures of Words.

Total Words: Words from books you have opened, but not finished.
Words Read: Words from books you have finished, and taken (and passed) the quiz.

Words Read are the only ones that count for your grade.

In the example below we can see one student finished a book of 659 words. But she did not finish the other longer book. Even though she finished reading (100%), she did not do the quiz. So it does not count.






Unfortunately, on your phone, the WORDs that show for each Assignment are TOTAL Words, not Words Read. Please check and make sure you finish books and that any books with numbers in pink do not count.

If you have any further questions or problems with Xreading, please see me any Monday in the English Room at Lunch Time. Thank you for your interest.


Newsela 6: Keeping up with the News


OLN Newsela News: Wednesdays

This week: News and more news

You may be so busy doing homework that you forget that English is a great way to learn about the world. Newsela is a great source of news because it is filtered. They choose only the most important news, and they write it 4 different ways, so if you can’t understand, you can look at an easier version.

I don’t know about you, but I am a little tired hearing about Donald Trump and the situation in the US. But Newsela has lots of other articles, like about Domino’s pizza sauce (yum), or

Xreading 6: Paper Books Coming

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OLN Xreading News: Tuesdays
This week: Paper Books

Some people like to read on a screen. Other people prefer paper books. Next week, from early June, you will be able to check out Graded Readers from the library. These Graded Readers are the same kind as the ones in Xreading, but they are made of paper. Real books.

After you finish reading, you can take a quiz, and Words Read will be added to your Xreading account. Our library has many more books than Xreading, so if you are looking for variety, get ready.

Newsela Week 5: Digging Deeper: Text Sets


OLN Newsela News: Wednesdays

This week: Text Sets

It helps to read many articles about one topic. Text Sets are perfect for that. In Newsela, a Text Set is a group of articles all on one topic. If you read about the same topic, many of the new vocabulary words are repeated, making it easier after each article. Pick a Featured Text Set, or make a Text Set of your own, and share it with a friend. See who can make the best Text Set.

My favorite is the one on Superheroes!

Xreading News Week 5: Reading Speed

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OLN Xreading News: Tuesdays
This week: Reading Speed

How fast are you reading? This is important. Your brain works differently when you read slowly than when you read fast. Most students read about 100 words a minute. After a year, you should be reading about 200 words a minute. If you learn to read a little faster each week, force yourself, you can save a lot of time. And a strange thing happens too, you can understand the story in a different way.

Try this out with every new book. Be patient. Most students pick books that are too hard. If you pick an easier book, you can read faster.

Newsela Week 4: Discussion Groups


OLN Newsela News: Wednesdays

This week: Discussion Groups

Good idea! Get some friends together and pick an article. Read it at night, and discuss the next day. A great place to meet and discuss is the English Room, B3 3202B (near the 教授室). Ask your Society Today or Culture Today teacher if you can get extra credit for discussing Newsela Articles outside class on a regular basis. Keep an eye out at the English Room to see if anyone else announces an article, a time and place to discuss. It feels good to be in charge of your own learning.

Xreading News Week 4: Finding your level

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OLN Xreading News: Tuesdays
This week: Finding your level

I hope you were able to continue reading through Golden Week. Making a habit of reading is the best thing you can do for learning English.

But reading is best when you have a book at the right level. Here is a good way to think about whether a book is too easy or too hard.









Try this out with every new book. Be patient. Most students pick books that are too hard. The idea is to relax and read for the meaning and the story, not to understand every word. You can skip one or two on each page, and still understand.

Newsela News Week 3: Finding Articles


OLN Newsela News: Wednesdays

This week: Finding Articles

Next week is Golden Week, meaning not very many classes. You can still use Newsela to keep up on the news in English. The trick is to find articles that are interesting. Everyone is interested in different topics. You can BROWSE the news, select categories and then articles by using the NEWS tab, or if you want older articles, try the LIBRARY tab. Use TEXT SET if you want a group of articles about a topic. These SETs have been selected by teachers, or by the staff at Newsela. You can also just use SEARCH.









You can also use the Choice Menu to select your grade level or reading skill. Just go to the LIBRARY tab. It is the dark area on the left.

So try it out during Golden Week, why not try one article a day, just spend a few minutes. That is the way to make steady progress. Have fun!

Xreading News Week 3: Xreading for yourself

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OLN Xreading News: Tuesdays
This week: Reading for yourself

Most of you have just finished Session 1 with great results. Some students did the minimum, but others went far beyond. This week is Session 2, and Golden Week is Session 3. You can start Session 3 after you get enough Words Read in Session 2. Here we can see one student has finished 8,000 words in Session 1. Each week, she starts again at zero, and reads at least the minimum.

But each week is different. Next week is Golden Week. This means it is easy to forget to read, but that you have more time. The key to success here is to keep reading a little every day. A little every day. So keep reading if you can, all the way through Golden Week. Good luck, and Ganbare!