Coffee: Health Drink?

Coffee mug with spoon

Do you like coffee ?  I love it !  Because coffee makes me comfortable.  I always drink black coffee in the morning then I go to school.  Coffee’s aroma makes us relive our stress.  It is called ” 3R (Rest, Relaxation and Recreeation ).”  Though taking too much caffeine is not good for our health, a  cup or two of coffee is good for our body.  Because polyphenol burns our calories.  And also, you should be careful about drinking coffee before you sleep.  If you take caffeine before you go to bed, you can not sleep well.  Though coffee has advantages and disadvantages, I will continue to drink coffee from now on.




history of fireworks

blog5 fireworksSpeaking of summer, what do you imagine? I imagine fireworks!! I really like fireworks and many people like it too. However do you know about fireworks’ history?? I’m interested in the history so I searched!! From studying, the beginning of fireworks is China. After the 13 century, fireworks were introduced into Europe. At this time in Europe, fireworks are for royal families so fireworks were used only royal families’ festival. By the way, When did fireworks start in Japan? The answer is we don’t know. Researchers couldn’t find the answer but according to “Teppoudenrai”(鉄砲伝来), from the 16 century, fireworks were started to make. Now, fireworks festivals are very famous in Japan. I thought the beginning of fireworks is Japan but it’s not correct!! I hope you could learn the history of fireworks from this blog!!

How much will you spend money this summer?


Summer is coming! Do you have any plan for the summer vacation? I guess many people want to travel. It is very fun to plan it, but also we have to think about how much money will we need or how much will we spend money on the hotel or things like that.

Japanese Travel Company, Jaran researched that kind of things.

According to this survey, the average numbers of nights are 1.64. The average hotel charges are 9,085 yen per a night. The lowest age and gender that take a trip is 20~34 men. The percentage is 53.2%. The highest age and gender is 20~30 women. The percentage is 61.3%.


Parsley Power


Do you eat parsley?  Many people don’t like the taste, and we usually don’t eat that. But I found an interesting article about “parsley”.  The article says that the parsley helps changing bad breath to good one, and it also helps people protect from being sick because it has a lot of good minerals.  There are some kinds of parsley in the world.  I didn’t know how attractive it is before I read the article.  If you would like to know more about the article and how to cook parsley, please click here.

What Do You Do?

On the weekend, I went shopping with my family.  I didn’t have anything I want, but I just wanted to go somewhere to enjoy my weekend.  And when I went to a clothing store, I found a really pretty purplish magenta color short sleeve t-shirt.  So I decided to get that.  But after that, I also found a pretty pinkish magenta color t-shirt, and I wan


ted both of them.  But my mom told me that I didn’t need to have both because those are similar.  So I had to decide which one I get.  The first one was more expensive than the second one even though it’s good for summer, so I decided to have the second one I found because it was on sale and cheaper.  When you are in this kind of situation, what do you do?  Do you get both?  Or do you choose which one you get?

Who is the richest?

The niconico news researched who is the richest character in Japanese manga. Actually we don’t know the richest character, so they voted it by their guess. The result is here.

  1. Tsukasa Domyojia5
  2. Mr. Hanawa
  3. Chama Bocha
  4. Keiichi Nakagawa
  5. Suneo Hoonekawa

This kind of survey is very interested. We can categorize many characters, so I want niconico news to research this kind of survey.img_325744_15347280_1

Everyone in Japan is gay

Here is a very interesting graphic I found in Mother Jones magazine.

from Mother Jones magazine
from Mother Jones magazine

It is a very good lesson to show clearly that “correlation does not imply causation”. Correlation means that two (or three or more) things happen at the same time. When it gets hot, people stop wearing sweaters. But the common mistake is that people think that one thing causes the other. In our case of temperature, that may be the case. But in many other cases, such as hating sushi and hating gays, some might even say that gay people like sushi, or even that eating raw fish causes people to be gay. But none of that is true. It just happens that people who won’t try sushi also do not accept gay marriage.

Learnist: Diet Soda is bad for you

Learnist is a wonderful website. It is like the “Facebook of Learning” where in stead of posting what you ate for breakfast, you post what you found that is interesting in your research. I highly recommend visiting Learnist just for fun, but also for when you need information that is better than a seach engine, because other people have looked at it before.

For example, what about Diet Soda? I always thought it was healthier than regular soda, because it has less sugar. But it seems to have a relationship to problems with your kidneys (腎臓), and with obesity, and with hangovers when you mix it with alcohol. Find all of these articles here, assembled by someone named Michel Ochoa. Thank you Michele.


くり返し使う生活へ!Let’s change to the rechargeable life!!

“使いきる生活から、くり返し使う生活へ” これはエネループのコンセプトです。エネループは、日本の電気会社・三洋によって開発された充電式の電池です。身近にできるエコとして、日本に限らず世界中で人気を集めています。1億本以上のエネループが世界中で使われているのです。
何度でも充電してくり返し使える、クリーンでおしゃれなエネループ。現在は、充電式カイロやひざ掛け、携帯充電器など、様々な形へと姿を変えて進化し続けています。モノを大切にする心。そして、地球や環境、さらには人を大切にする心が世界中で花咲かすことでしょう。Eneloop Website.

-by Yuki“Change from used up life to rechargeable life” This is a concept of eneloop. Eneloop is a rechargeable battery which is developed by Japanese electronic company, Sanyo. It is raising in popularity not only Japan but also all over the world as familiar ecology. Over one hundred million eneloops are using through the world.

Eneloop which can use repeatable again and again is clean and smart. Now it has been evolving to change various forms as a rechargeable kairo, blanket, or mobile battery. Mind which is economize everything. Mind to think about economize earth, the environment, more over people will bloom all over the world. Eneloop Website

-by Yuki

日本のPISA点数向上Japanese PISA Score Now Rising

National Center for Educational Statistics OECD Website

-by Kana F.Japan’s ranking had been falling in the international academic survey of 15-year-old students by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), Japan fell from 8th place in 2000 to 15th place in 2006 in reading comprehension, from first place to 10th place in mathematical literacy and from second place to 6th place in scientific literacy. However in the 2009 PISA, Japan moved up to 8th place in reading, to 9th in math and to 5th in science. Researchers analyze this result as an educational reform which took place after severely criticized yutori education.
National Center for Educational StatisticOECD Website

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-by Kana F.